2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm


Sutcliffe is a fairly special type of forward, although maybe not as high a scorer as the names mentioned.

Burke, on his day, is the type of player that the umpire can start bending for the white flag once he has the ball in his hands. But he needs to get on a lot more ball. I think he can be the type of clutch forward referred to, although maybe not this year. He might not even make the championship team.


For me he has to. I know what your saying, its a risk worth taking. We’ve no one else really who shoots on sight and can take a score like him.


I think that some days, and then other days I just don’t know. He seems to want to stay loose, and get the ball in space so he can shoot. Which makes sense in a way - but if the ball doesn’t come his way he is very quiet. There are days where I have seen him only have 4 or 5 touches in the whole game. Then of course there are days when he scores 4 or 5 points.


That’s going to come with experience @Wifi.


Talking to guys about him from other counties, a lot of people think he is the real deal. Three managers in a row have selected him as first choice nearly with Dublin. So if I am not seeing it every time, I assume the issue is with me and not everyone else!


When I was doing a bit of coaching id tell forwards to think of it like this ,the fella has a wallet you can pick pocket with slight of hand , on other days you have to mug him , point being the complete forward can do both show skill and get dirty when required, it’s not uncommon to have forwards particularly wristy talented forwards who aren’t really fond of the real dirty work , part of the reason IMO is as juveniles other players are encouraged to give the ball to the talented lad hence the experience of having to fight your own corner is not engrained


The dark arts Damo :joy::joy:


I claim the 5th


Pick his pocket with slight of hand or Mug him! That sounds like the jail hurling team your coaching! :joy:


Was a big Oliver Twist fan


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And there was me thinking that was a very positive result for us against Wahh’theford but no, the hurling boo-boys will stop at nothing…