2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm


Fair enough, was really just wondering how it came out to 8 minutes.


I think the penalty was on about 5 min and 20 sec. I was very closely watching the clock at that stage!!


Jesus no wonder he saved it if it was going that slowly.


Jesus, that would be great… if we did that I wouldn’t care what happened afterwards.

For me, the unknown is how they would perform on a bigger pitch against a good team. Parnell Pk is only 82m wide apparently, against 90m for Croke Pk and other grounds. That is a huge amount of area and it’s a lot easier to close down teams there. At our peak under Daly we could make the bigger pitches look tight because they were physically able to work that much harder.

We seem to be shaping up to be a big team (potential forward of Rushe, Hedgo, Schutte, Keaney, Dillon, Sutcliffe etc. All over 6ft and some well over it. They will win a lot of 50/50s, but big open spaces isn’t a huge advantage for them.


That’s why I was asking last week, does PP suit the type of hurling we’re trying to play? And are we restricting ourselves. IMO we have some of the fastest forwards in the country and delivering good ball into space for them is restricted in PP.


Thats a circular argument. We say we need to be beating the best teams in Croker and then we start loosing the games and start saying we’d win in we were in Parnell park.

We need to beat whoever is infront of us no matter what pitch we’re on.


Yeah … otherwise you are beginning to sound like the whingey football crowd …


Can Sky TV not cover our hurling games from here on?


It was just an observation. Agree it shouldn’t matter where we play, I think defeats in Croker are also down a psychological thing. We also play better in Parnell as we’re used to it


Careful now or you’ll admit that playing at home brings an advantage :grin:


It will be fine once we don’t mention it in the North West! :grinning:


I think on balance the smaller pitch is better for us. It looks like we are going to be playing with Keaney, Rushe and Hetherton - they bring physicality and the ability to deal with contact. They might not win a race to the wing. Likewise with Sutcliffe, I think he is averagely fast, but maybe not a speedster, but he deals with contact very well. Dillon, Burke and O Rourke would probably like a bit of space, but it is at the cost of losing the effectiveness of the likes of Rushe and I am not sure that’s worth it.

We need huge intensity to be competitive, and a big pitch dilutes intensity I think. But having said that, I would like to see the best 15 give it a go on a bigger pitch - we haven’t seen that really yet and Kenny might have them set up for it.


Of course that’s better. But the reality is that most teams have a pitch / pitch size that suits them - so why not utilize that advantage when we can.

Our aim this year is probably to reach a Leinster final - we can do that without having to play in Croke Pk, but we will have to play in Parnell.


For now Id play in Parnell but in the next few years if we keep improving Id go back to the Dublin headers with the football,but only if we were very competitive. Id do this as Croke park is where Leinsters and All Irelands are won and if we have the chance to play there regularly it could be a good thing

As for now though its Parnell for me


4 of your 6 backs make any texm on the country.???


Wi-Fi is sound, but he gets on a roll at times! Mind you Dubcat, our backs are decent, no? Paddy Smyth, Eoghan O Donnell and Chris Crummy are as good as what’s out there, at the current time. The Cats would take all three, in my humble opinion, as would Tipp. Not sure about Galway or Limerick though.


Smith, O’Donnell, Moran and Crummey…


What he said… @Dubcat

I really am not sure what team wouldn’t have them. Moran might not make CHB on some teams, but I think he would make most teams somewhere on the field.


All 4 would yeah. And some on here would have Cian OC in that bracket too.

One area where we lack imo, a clutch forward. Looking at Tipp KK I mean Hogan and Bubbles. Chalk Reid and either McGrath down too. Could go on and on obviously. Although most of us would settle for a functioning 6, I think we’re missing that x factor even when we have that. Waterford are the same. Although if we average 1-25 + a Summer we mightnt need one.


Sure the cats only found their full back on Sunday apparently! We’ve had EOD for years, and he’s only a young fella. In fairness Conor Delaney had a stormer, and looks a class prospect.