2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm


He gets expenses, no one makes a living out of being a ref. Yes, they are demoted if they make a lot of poor decisions and rightly so, so what is the issue?

On Sludden, he possibly would have been demoted for the decision, but he actually decided to give up being an inter county ref. So because of one mistake he walked away from something he spent a life time working towards. I hope that makes the people who abused him feel good. I was in Croke Pk that day supporting Louth and I left more embarrassed by the behavior of the supporters then angry at the ref.


Certainly no place in our national games for abusive supporters! Would do them well to remember that there are young children at these games and they don’t need to witness this kind of carry on! I know that we can all get a little frustrated sometimes when we don’t agree with some calls. But there has to be a line that should not be crossed! Worst I ever witnessed was Dublin supporters turning on Micky Whelan! Then the Dublin manager as he left the field after a very poor performance v Offaly in Parnell Pk many years ago! Disgraceful carry on!


Was also there to witness that …right in the corner of the church terrace.Sunday’s ncident was an absolute joke as I said earlier in the thread .Never a penalty and doesn’t help when he’s played an extra 3 minutes over the extra 5 announced.He could not of seen the incident…too far out.Delighted with himself running in with the arms outstretched.Should be hauled in to explain himself.


He must have run at least half the pitch to make the call,him running on the tele doesn’t even do it justice

Would have been ridiculous if we’d have lost in those circumstances but we should have finished them earlier in the game


Gifting the opposition 2-3 goals and still winning is a good sign. If there’s a waterford version of ressers i doubt they’re having the existential crisis that we had on here last week. Counts for nothing unless we beat Laois this weekend, they’ll be no push over, so don’t anyone be taking a big win for granted, we need to be more like yesterday than last week.


They drew with Carlow and obviously it was the Walsh cup but we took absolutely ages to get going against them,they won’t be easy but I still expect a win


I was down that end as well. Darragh O’Connell just held his ground as the long ball came in and the Waterford player turned around and grabbed him around the neck and pulled him to the ground. A bloody dangerous thing for the Waterford player to do and was a borderline red card offence. Instead the patently unfit referee sees it late from 100 yards away an awards the Waterford player a penalty!


Ah yea, expect a win but not by 12+ points, and if we go in looking “leggy” we’ll have a battle on our hands.

Hopeful now that Kenny has everyone together finally that we can really start to gell and understand his game plan better. Been a fairly disrupted start to his tenure so far.


for the record:

Dublin scorers: Oisin O’Rorke 0-11 (0-8f, 0-1 65), Liam Rushe 1-1, Eamonn Dillon 0-4, Danny Sutcliffe 0-4, Chris Crummey 0-2, John Hetherton 0-2, Shane Barrett 0-1, Fergal Whitely 0-1.


For the record, nobody said that abusing referees is tolerable. Nor is having poor referees. Pay them. Put in the technology. Get on with it. It was an abuse of the Louth team to be robbed by a referee.


To be fair to hurling refs the standard play from a back is to hit it 70/80 yards within a second or two. Doesn’t even give Usain Bolt the chance to keep up with play at all times.
In football the refs have more time as teams are handpassing more and working to game plays and less on instinct.


Where did he get the extra 3 minutes from anyways?


There was an injury to Sean treacy


Yeah, he couldn’t have been there, he would have had to run faster then the ball. Having said that, if he couldn’t see it, he shouldn’t have given a free. But I guess he thought he saw something. Looking on the TV, it seems the umpire he spoke to was actually following the flight of the ball during the tussle, so he wouldn’t have seen much either.

It will be interesting if Dublin appeal O Connells first yellow, that would allow them to argue the correctness of the call in the first place. I don’t know if the red that followed was a straight red or a second yellow - if it was a straight red then appealing the first yellow would have no benefit.


His arms were outstretched for a penalty before he got near an umpire.He was still oustside the beaschcomber at that stage.:sweat_smile:


But there was 5 minutes called and he played and extra 3 minutes?


Why so much defending the ref here? He was way off the play, that can happen. So then he consults his umpires. Whi if any use tell him no your wrong on this one its actually a free out. Job done…he had his mind made up from yards out and couldnt be arsed to check was it right. That winds players mentors and supporters up


Yea, No excuse for not asking the umpires. Had we lost we’d be raging.


Might have taken three minutes for the penalty to be taken with someone down injured and all the arguing over the decision. But it was around the five minute mark when the penalty was awarded in the first place.

Ref was awful but don’t think there is anything in the too much additional time argument.

Not seeing Sean Treacy get a shoulder to the head right in front of him was worse than the penalty. Treacy was motionless face down for at least 20 seconds until the next stop in play but the ref completely ignored him. Treacy then had to be helped off the pitch and looked in a bad way.

Earlier the ref stopped play and gave an indirect free to Waterford when one of their players slipped and fell out at the sideline. The Waterford players even seemed confused as to why the ref had stopped play when there was next to no chance the player had injured himself.

Bizarre refereeing performance.


I don’t think anyone is defending him, he made a mistake. I just don’t think its a hanging offence. Every player on the field made a mistake at some stage in the game too.

The ref will probably be judged on it by his accessor.