2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm


Pretty sure kenny dropped him back there on dowling for the na piarsaigh replay last year didnt he?


Beat me to it, couldn’t remember which match it was but the CF was running riot till he switched o’connell Back who shut him down entirely, so he probably had a cunning plan, didn’t pay off but now is the time to be trying things.


It would make sense there was a previous time as it seems odd to do it out of the blue. But I really don’t see him aggressive enough for a final line defender. The likes of O Callaghan, O Donnell, O Carroll etc would lose a limb before someone gets in for goals against them. Our goals against for the last 12 months (before yesterday) is remarkably low.


Great that the lads responded so well to conceding so many goals, good to win a nail biter.


Just watching the highlights here we actually gifted them the first 3 goals from our errors.

How did the referee award that penalty?

Great to see Rushe, Hedgo and Danny make such an impact on the game and great work from the 3 of them to turn the ball over for our goal


Highlights were just on TG4 some fielding by rushe in the air with 1 2 aswell

Some of the 4 goals they scored were avoidable but some were well worked

But to get 27 scores yesterday is brilliant it’s a huge positive for this time of the year

O rourke hedgo who got one great score in the 1st half rushe Danny trollier all having good games

Crummey also improved his game today and smyth excellent in the backs and a phenomenal clearance off the line

No certainties in that forward line either with o rourke showing well you’ve burke and Ryan there too and keaney so with a minimum of 2 league games left players haven’t got lots of time to prove it in competitive games but there will obviously be friendlies and tough training sessions to go

Our goal was brilliant I thought,no fancy stuff but workrate was brilliant forcing the turnover,like gilroy from last year

Think we know that the forwards have it in them if they bring the intensity and their shooting boots

All in all a we wanted the performance we got that, the result was a bonus but delighted with that but obviously there’s tougher tests to come


Crazy stuff he was so far out,have no problem him consulting umpires but to call a penalty from that far out is crazy stuff


Yes, definitely seems a wrong call. Looked like a free out, not in.


If our backs perform the way they have been up to yesterday, the forwards get ball the way they did yesterday and play like yesterday, also with the players that have to come back in, I wouldn’t have any doubts about getting to a Leinster Final.


Agree with you fully having looked at incident again this evening! But during game yesterday I wasn’t sure!


Was red card definitely a straight red? Or was it 2 yellows?


He showed a yellow for the foul (obviously wrongly now). Then he showed only a red for the (I assume) dissent. Maybe he just forgot to show the second yellow though.


Having just watched the highlights on TG4, it seems the Waterford forward pulled the Dublin defender down and was given a penalty. A simple bit of cuteness. The type of thing we don’t do. The ref was at least 60 yards away and ran in to announce that it was a penalty. Disgraceful. To the people who say we should all grow up and forgive the ref, it’s only a sport, I say bollocks to that. These lads are training like dogs and giving hours every day, for their county. The least they should be able to expect is that the referee does not need a white stick, a guide dog or a fucking motorbike to keep up with the play.


Yes he was wrong (it seems), but no player abused him after the game - so I don’t think anyone in the crowd needs to take up the mantle for them.


So if a player had remonstrated with him, would it be okay for the crowd to join in? Or what are you saying? Where do I mention condoning abuse? No. He shouldn’t be the subject of abuse. However, he should be fired for being a poor referee, not keeping up with the play and almost causing a team to lose a match as a result (Cue an outpouring from referees…not perfect…difficult job…etc)


No, it’s never ok for the crowd and irs never ok for the players, but the players generally are more restrained.

Refs make mistakes. If every one of them was fired, there would be none left. Anyway, I am not sure you can fire a volunteer.


He’s paid. At senior levels, referees who make big mistakes are demoted. Ask Martin Sludden.


He’s reimbursed :wink:




No referee or indeed no player is perfect! I’m sure you will agree with that comment? Yes sometimes referees have a difficult job! So do the players. Especially at the highest level. That penalty incident yesterday at the time I thought was probably a correct call. However having viewed it again this evening I agree that it should have been a free out! But in fairness to the ref he did not have the benefit of a 2nd viewing. And until we go down the road of VAR (which won’t happen anytime soon) We have to accept that referees will make wrong calls. These things are part and parcel of decision making during a game. Both by players and referees. Now if a referee continually makes errors during a game then I’m sure there is some method of assessment going on behind the scenes. So it will hamper his chances of getting to officiate the very big games. Much like a player who plays badly runs a chance of being dropped the next day!