2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm


Yep, I remember that one. Maybe a bit of over confidence. Gray was slow to get rid of one further out the field too.

But Smith has superb potential. Could be the best corner back we will ever have had.

O Callaghan missed yesterday though. I suspect Waterford might have had a goal or two less if he was on the field.


Nolan was screaming at him to run with it.


The backs do need to release the ball quicker,sometimes it comes off but often it doesn’t warrant the risk

Gray got caught out at the end last week and smyth today but I couldnt really fault smyth he’s a young lad who’s impressed me a lot over the last few weeks,stood out for DCU in one of the games too as well that i saw


Well deserved for Danny and Paddy


Sutcliffe and Oisín were a class apart yesterday hurled with freedom and played to there strengths just goes to show with Oisín size doesn’t matter when you have the skill and cuteness.


I think the turning back inside is what caused the problem! Had he tried running with it up the line he might have drawn a foul. But still learning!


not necessarily a bad thing at time :slight_smile:


Oisin didn’t make Gilroy’s original cut when he invited a massive panel to train. Time will tell how he’ll do later in year but he’s doing well

Does anyone know when Mark Schutte is back ?


Ban him.


Watching him in earlier games, I didn’t think he would make the cut this time either, but yesterday he was phenomenal. I have never seen such a change in a player from game to game. If he can do that regularly he will be a serious option.


his size goes against him but you don’t find many more skillful.


It was also the way the ball could stick with him. I always knew if he had the ball in space he was handy. But he won a lot of ball by just getting out in front and grabbing it - really hard ball to take. He roasted the guy marking him, it really was akin to Dotsy.

His free taking is excellent too. He seems to put in very little effort, yet can score 65s with ease.


Saw him against Offaly and thought he had bulked up. Obviously following the weights program. Sounds like he’s still got the mobility and wrists that make him very difficult to mark.


Highlights on TG4 tonight, think it’s 8pm



Yea Waterford supporter sitting next to me remarked that he had very similar style to Doty Callaghan!


Some save from Paddy Smyth


Brilliant young player!!


The six backs now are solid and good. At least four of them would make any team in the country. Midfield is good, with a few possible options. Danny is the best hurler in the country on his day. If the other forwards hurl like that again, or the likes of Ryan, Schutte, Keaney add to it - there are real possibilities here.

We have possibly more top class players now then in 2013. But as Gilroy said about the footballers once, if they don’t bring intensity they are ordinary.

But the forwards seemed to get more ball that suited their individual needs, so it might just be a coming together of Kenny’s plan. As he said, this is the first day where the result was driven by the forwards not the backs.

I don’t understand the O Connell plan though. If he was going to be effectively a corner back, why play Gray at midfield (who is a corner back sometimes), why not play a midfielder like Malone or Sean Treacy? I think that move cost us one or two of the goals as O Connell just didn’t, understandably, know where to be. At the game I wasn’t actually sure who the other corner back was, but it was evident there was a leak in that corner.


What difference a week or two makes :joy: