2019 NHL1B Round 4; Dublin v Waterford, Sunday February 24th, Parnell Park, 2pm


What’s the story with how teams progress from Division 1B?


League is changing from next year so no promotion, if we finish 1st we play 4th in 1A,2nd we play 3rd etc


I think there is promotion from 1b just no relegation from 1a open to correction though


i was in 2 minds about the football or hurling this weekend and went for the footie in the end. not a good decision. was bored at the football last night as it was obvious after 10 min that mayo didnt give a shit and even dublin looked like they were playing a charity match. i’m sick i missed that hurling match.


Yep, league very lazy on League tables, Waterford had massive results v Laois, Carlow and Offaly, but, it’s based on head to head. If we beat Laois and Waterford beat Galway we go Top, playing 4th from 1A, currently 4 counties on 4pts.


As for people mentioning the crowd today,it wasn’t great but Parnell never really looks empty as it’s small and compact but in fairness today we were competing with the rugby and United Liverpool which obviously draws huge interest in Ireland.As well as the adult hurling leagues starting this weekend and the match last night in Croker

As for next week,there won’t be very many there at all,with the footballers in Roscommon which is unfortunate after today’s performance


All true … and what chance Coláiste Eoin …


And we will get a few more out. As long those of us that commit at the so called grass roots level get a chance to support our hurlers we will


I see Kenny picking out Conway for special praise after the game. To be honest I didn’t actually overly notice him myself, but he must have done well - what do others think?

It’s strange how the debate was last week we have no forwards to now wondering where everyone is going to fit in. Like most things though, I guess the true situation is somewhere in the middle. We have good forwards, but could always do with one or two more.

I found the forward positioning a bit strange yesterday. It wasn’t the two lines of three and it rotated. The most common seemed to be something like half forwards of Hedgo, Sutcliffe in the middle and Conway. Then Dillon and Rushe in the full forward line and O Rourke between the two lines. But Hedgo was full forward for a little while, Dillon in the half forwards, O Rourke a traditional corner forward etc. But the upshot of it all was that a) our forwards seemed to occupy more space and denied the opposition space, b) Danny seemed to prefer being more centrally involved and c) O Rourke and Rushe got a lot more of the type of ball they like.


Interesting, we must have won some puck outs to score 27 scores?


Rushe, Hedgo and Danny caught a few clean. Nolan went low to the likes of Dillon and Conway for some and some were shorter still to the backs.

It seems to me we won more then our fair share, but I was a bit too stressed to keep count :sweat_smile:


The game makes you think if Waterford we’re tested in the league would’ve they beat us ? Hard to tell but the margins at the end were so small

It’ll be interesting to see how they get on against Galway next week


Laois on 3 points Carlow on 2 so not a dead rubber for laois beat us and avoid the playoff and guarantee a q-f loss and take it Carlow beat laois they will be in the play off, Draw they go to 4 and Carlow beat Offaly and it goes to score difference so a lot to play for on Laois end


Seems to me we might be over-reacting to both last week and this. Last week the key word was “leggy”. The lads looked as if they had trained very hard before Galway and perhaps that match was not targetted? By contrast yesterday they looked sharp and lively. And in the end while we deserved to win, we were a bit fortunate. And this time Waterford looked a bit leggy. I think the truth lies between last week and this.


Conway won a good few dirty balls on the ground and burst forward with it and used the ball well. I’d say that impressed Kenny.


The score board margin was small, but I thought the goals glosses over the Waterford performance a bit. But probably if they played Galway first they might have been better.

But I think we would have beaten most teams with that display yesterday.


Knee jerk reactions on ressers? … never!!!


Good because between Rushe, Hedgo and Danny we should be able to win our fair share of long puck outs.Which has been a problem for a long time.


There was one short puck out to Paddy Smyth in 2nd half. Paddy won it and was coming away on his left. Instead of releasing it up the line he decided to turn inside onto his right! Got closed down by two forwards! Lost the ball and fouled his man. Got booked and they pointed the free! And all because he failed to release it earlier! But Paddy did have a good game. In fact made that super stop on the line at a vital stage.