2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill


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It’s not fantastic given the age profile of those guys, but it is what it is (given too we haven’t really given Eoghan Conroy, either Currie, Paul Crummy or Conor Burke much of a go). So maybe this year is about getting the last out of the current guys, and that is maybe not a bad plan.[/quote]

All of whom you’d think would be involved, but then maybe he has decided to go with what we have (still to see Tracy, Ryan and Schutte really yet) and leave them develop at u21 and/or clubs for now and bring them in later in the year or next year?


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I forgot about Schutte (in my defence, we haven’t seen him at all, so it’s not hard). But I think you could be right, the plan is to consolidate this year on last years gains.

Schutte does make a difference to the outlook though, if he brings his A game. Unfortunately though he can also encapsulate the core issues we have of not enough aggression and not enough good technique. He plays like a guy sometimes who hasn’t realised yet he is 6’5” or whatever he is.

The Waterford game is vital now. If they don’t bring heart to that, I suspect it won’t come. I would go so far as to be seriously concerned for the next few years if that goes badly. I don’t care about the result, but we need a performance.


Scores from Champo in 2018:


Might of been mentioned elsewhere, where are the Boden lads?

Ryan etc.?


That intensity is hard to keep up for the year,some teams peak too early and underperform in championship it’s hard to get the balance right

We do need intensity to compete without it we’re not great but we will bring that in summer like we did last year

This takes time,it’s early February it’s been a problem for years it’s no quick fix.Some young lad has to put his hand up and grab that opportunity,keaney getting older too he won’t be around forever.Ryan and schutte still to come back,both involved in our better days,hopefully they are involved in the next few league games.Ryan has an eye for goal as we seen last year and schutte is a good option


Might Just be me but I haven’t been impressed with barrett at ,obviously we weren’t good yesterday and we didn’t have too many standouts but he looked off the pace,even in them backfoot

I do like him has a player and has plenty of years left playing but maybe o connell could play there and take his position,not too sure though as he had a few good games last year


Goals really kept us in that Kilkenny game 26 scores to 19,but Whatever it takes to get over the 20 point margin is fine


Is there any evidence that Keaney is coming back?


Heard a couple of months back that it’s the end of march might be wrong Though


Would be surprised if we dont see a performance in parnell park, we might not win but with no fitzgibbon messing this week we should have a rested panel and after the dissapointment of yesterday hopefully a bit of passion. Still have issues in the balance of the forward line and no glaring solutions.


I think Barrett will be fine, he has earned enough brownie points now to be let off with a few quieter games. I wouldn’t be overly worried about any back, but if I was to pick one it would possibly be O Callaghan, he is very dogged but maybe lacks a bit of skill.

O Connell looks to me like someone who needs to get used to that level of intensity. He is good against the lesser teams, but fades a bit when the pace of play hots up. But that is usually just a question of getting used to it. You could tell McBride had just come off an intense Fitzgibbon Cup yesterday, he was able to take the hits without losing the ball.


Will we just ask Ger Cunningham to come back?


Don’t even say that in jest !!


Many of us on here suggesting that heavy training might be the cause for such a flat performance yesterday. Well Mattie Kenny seemed to indicate this in his interview with Irish Times. He thought we were leggy yesterday! So clearly workload needs to be factored into any assessment of current form! Agree with WiFi that performance is more important than getting a result v Waterford. Massive improvement in intensity would go a long way toward achieving this!


Waterford haven’t been tested fully yet so will be interesting


A lot of the players have been playing 2 games a week for the last few weeks with their county & college teams. Apart from the disruption to overall preparation, they’re looking a bit tired, Crummy was not his usual self for DCU last week D.Burke was not in the game mostly after a rich vein of form. Can see why he was not started against Galway, needs a break. Cork didn’t play their UCC players on Saturday, we can’t afford such a luxury unfortunately.


Management too as both O Brien and Roche are with Mattie from DCU.


Are Paul Ryan and Colm Cronin on the panel?


If that was it, then it’s no big deal. Between that and Fitzgibbon there could be an explanation. Next week will tell a lot more. The season hinges on it really in my mind. Yes, we will have players to come back, but so has everyone else.

We discussed it before, but a brief update on injured players would be good.


Honestly cant see Management coming out with any official details about injury lists. Only hope really as far as this forum stands is if some of our members have direct contact with players on panel. That would hopefully clear up some of the fog surrounding this issue!