2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill


Seriously? Jaysus.


Championship leads to higher scoring games obviously the two semis were skewed this with extra time but anytime there’s a big game against two good teams the bar is over 20

We don’t score that unfortunately


I know Waterford have had a really handy opening three games but their scoring average is one point short of exactly 3-22 per game. Hopefully it will be reduced next Sunday … :pensive:


Yea, There’s nothing new going on, if we don’t bring intensity against the bigger teams we generally won’t live with them. as others have pointed out the balance of the forwards is not great. Struggling to click. we’ve a good few decent young players but they’re struggling to really make the step up. HF lines has been a problem forever. We also need our best 15 on the pitch more then counties like Galway who have huge numbers with underage pedigree. (And even they drew with Carlow last week).

Hopefully with fitzgibbon out of the way team can work on things better and lads will be better rested. Notice for example cork were not playing their ucc players. Also the league this year really is a series of challenge matches with no promotion/relegation, would hope we can seriously kick in from here and have a good crack at the rest of the league/play off.


Some here like to have a go at Na Fianna and the lack of breakthrough at senior level - probably not helped by a lack of smarts and physicality. That is Dublin at intercounty level IMO.


So it’s all Na Fianna’s fault?


Just thought I’d get that in there before …


it’s to be expected to sone degree, we’re currently lacking a few old heads/warriors like a Michael Carton or Joey Boland. even Kilkenny who have been promising so far, we’re horsed out of it today, it happens at this time of year, let’s not have an existential crisis everyone we’re are beaten or perform badly. Hopefully management are learning and the tactics will evolve.


Yep but Limerick looked like they were going nowhere two years ago.

So 2016 Limerick beaten by Tipperary in the Munster Championship. Lost to Clare in the qualifiers

In 2017 beaten by Clare in the Munster Championship and lost to Kilkenny in the qualifiers.

In 2018 win the AI … C’mon hands up who had money on Limerick to win the AI?

So this is unusual what Limerick did last year - if underage success was a guarantee of senior AI’s Galway would have wrapped this up years ago.

They did win 2 u21 All Irelands in the last 3 years but the rate of improvement at senior level hasn’t been seen before in my view.

I wouldn’t let one result cast a huge cloud. We have a terrible record in Salt-hill and against Galway in general . They are completely our bogey side .

Mattie also picked a poor side and I hope he’ll learn from it after today. Better to drop the ball now on selection then in two months.

I said it a few weeks ago. People may just have to take some pain this year. But pain in allowing Mattie to pick a team of hurlers that will come good in 18 months to 2 years down the road. That means picking the Donal Burke’s of this world and going with it… And stop worrying about the here and now

Because if you look at what Limerick have done … that’s what they did . they took the long road on it . Yeah they have fantastic hurlers … but they shipped some very poor results at senior level over a 3 year period to get to a better place.


That’s s’a very good point.


It’s true though. i know Limerick people who were despairing . Nobody thought they’d even win Munster last year.

We’ve got to start picking hurlers and stop worrying about picking guys who haven’t been good enough up to now and are unlikely to be at this stage of their careers.


Watched the 4 full TV games this weekend. No question Dublin are in position #8 of those teams on show.
We’ve a really big task ahead to be ready for D-Day, aka Davy-Day, aka Wexford in the Champo in Parnell.
Until now I felt Kenny’s big test will be picking our best 15 come May, but as others have pointed out, the game plan today with the wind was all wrong and that’s a concern.
The intensity was identical to our 1st half Champo display v Galway at the same venue last year.


Limerick won the Munster u21 in 2011, 15 and 17 and the All Ireland in the latter two - a quick look at these teams and the current one will point to a strong link. They also have a brilliant manager who seems to have harvested the talent excellently in terms of keeping feet on the ground and getting them to buy into the longer term. They also have a very generous benefactor.

I wouldn’t necessarily say Galway are our complete bogey side at all - we have actually beaten them a few times this decade - 2013 the most memorable. Cork, Waterford and Limerick would be far more bogeyful!

I hope I’m not casting a huge cloud. I expected nothing from today. Nor do I think we will get anything next week either. I am disappointed that we haven’t had a Matty bounce … but unless we get back to basics it’s gonna be a long and fruitless season.


Not only were we lacking in our ability to get into enough scoring positions, but when we did we were unable to convert on too many occasions (with the exception of the goal). Does this suggest our delivery from half back line / midfield was poor, or our forwards weren’t up to scratch today (or both)? Free taking was also poor today.


I think its not beyond us to be hitting 20+ pts @Sam_11, if we’re to build on last year.
Taking a positive from today ,and I watched it again tonight ,we had a bad day and only lost by 4pts. Mattie and some of the players have said this year is not going to be about rebuilding but driving on from all of last years good work.
Game against Waterford is going to be a huge test. Ken McGrath said it tonight ,Waterford haven’t been tested ,and they have their two toughest games coming up Dubs and Galway ,they’ve used the last three games to test out new players and have been missing the Ballygunner lads.
I think we’ll see exactly where we stand and how well we’re progressing next week .


It was our first starting 9, excluding possibly Boland. That’s worrying imo. How did we stay with extra man in defence when losing by 6/7? That’s crazy stuff.


Need to borrow that television of yours Liam :joy:


Have posted previously on two aspects of hurling
One over the years I’ve been of the opinion at development squads and colleges we seem to be producing primarily defenders
Two club hurling in Dublin is littered with fussy refs where easy frees are the norm , which is hardly any type of environmental for producing lads that can win own ball
Could be wrong just an opinion




55“ TV always deducts two points :laughing: