2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill


Insipid and lifeless. Hope it’s our old friend heavy training. Seemed strange picking such a light full forward line. Then with the wind we continue to play just two inside forwards. Tactically that’s just madness. Almost a carbon copy of the Walsh Cup game only this time there was no comeback.

And what is wrong with Alan Nolan. Absolutely off the wall stuff.

Cannot understand how Conor Burke is not getting a run. Bigger, stronger and at least as talented as either O’Rourke or Whitely


Sometimes decisions made on the sideline don’t make much sense to the naked eye of the fan , you have to trust their made based on training and honest assessment of how lads are going behind closed doors , also believe management really still unsure of a settled starting 15


We have loads of forwards who can do it patches and by patches I mean once maybe twice in a game then they disappear.

The ball in is madness at times bar one or two decent ones into space that we manage. Anyone that recorded the game watch it again and look at how easy Galway’s backs get on the ball and pick men out compared to the frenzy in our back line before the ball is eventually hit in aimlessly enough.

People rightly enough keep talking about our inside forward line because the scores aren’t coming and the ball isn’t sticking but our half forward line, as a unit, is non existent. The players themselves ie Sutcliffe can individually have good games but the line as a hole does not work.


Just from watching on the TV how deep was Danny playing. Actually think he was our best player but we need him further forward. We are low enough on quality in the forwards without taking him out of it.
I keep banging this drum but we need to be scoring (excluding goals) around 20 points to be troubling the big teams in the summer.
I just don’t think we have the forwards to scoring that on a regular basis. Say be going back a while since it we managed it as well. We didn’t in any game against a major team last year anyway.


You are slightly biased to be fair but even those of us who aren’t think he should be getting a run. :yum:


I think we are as far away as ever. I read about Coláiste Eoin and am happy and then, yet again, I find they are dual players. I wonder is Mattie on the sideline asking himself how it would be if he had Con O Callaghan? We are not at the races. Simple as that.


Watched the 2013 Leinster final the other day, that team was a long time in the making, remember all those close calls v Wexford trying to make the breakthrough. Took years to build up to that point,

We weren’t far off Kilkenny (young new kk team to be fair)Wexford or Galway last summer, don’t panic now, we will have to build it up again. We’re certainly not near the top teams right now but we had an awful league last year as well remember.


Noticed a good few times today going for the ball that far to often we reached in to win the ball! And more often than not failing to come away with it! Absolutely believe that you need to put your full body into winning the ball! If you don’t then you are going to get shoved off it!


We were probably missing three forwards today who will start in the championship, so I wouldn’t overly judge the forwards. But what I would judge is the intensity. We need to bring bucket loads of intensity, and today we bought very little. Are we fit enough to do it I wonder?

That was very dispiriting though, even though its not our championship team it’s a good lot of them. For us to compete we need to be faster and stronger, and really good in the air, and we aren’t.

It’s early days for Kenny, so I wouldn’t be panicking. Who knows what type of training he has them doing. But if the training isn’t the reason I might worry a bit.

My fear from the beginning about Kenny was that he would manage Dublin traditionally, seeing it as his job to tweak tactics and make astute changes etc. But Dublin need a bit more madness then that - the guys need to be incredibly intense for the whole game and fit enough to do it. We are neither at the moment.

My gut instinct is that we are on the wrong track, but I have little evidence for that, its only February. But I say it because of a) the lack of drive in the team, b) the clunky look of the forwards, we do have options that aren’t being used that would bring a bit more finesse and speed and c) guys just aren’t hurling as well as they can.

I think we will improve, the return of players will bring that. Also I suspect Kenny was under instruction to more or less follow last years template (I don’t know that of course, but it would have been a sensible condition for the first year). But its not good, I think we might be in a bit of trouble for a year or two.


Lads step back from tactics etc…our basics left us short today and its not like our lafs havent been hurling


100 per cent agree with this. Worth having a look at how Limerick absolutely horsed KK out of it today.


We have been like this forever. It’s fairly basic stuff as are a number of our other shortcomings. I admire the real hurling people on here but there is a clear difference between the reality of where we are and where some think we are.

Limerick look the new real deal - after a lot of underage success.


Not on the panel.
Nolan will cost us in the long run, unfortunately we don’t have anyone else good enough or close to the level of Murphy, Nash or Quaid.


I’ll hold my hand up as not a real ‘hurling person’, but apart from the basic technical stuff, it’s obvious to anyone that the way we’re setting up isn’t working. We wasted ball after ball into an outnumbered forward line, which allowed Galway work it out and pick out their man without any pressure. Perhaps even more depressing is the inability to adjust and some of that blame has to lie with the sideline.


Compare our intensity and workrate to that of Limerick,Wexford and Tipp today we where miles off and compared to what we brought to Championship last year ,again ,miles off.
My biggest concern is we’ve two league games left to get it upto the standards we set last year for ourselves…


Totally agree. 1-10 was a pretty dismal return and 4 or 5 of those were from placed ball. The forwards that were missing today are not going to make that much of a difference unfortunately so until we unearth two or three quality forwards things are not going to change.


I’m not sure they actually know what is required intensity-wise. I think the bar is being set too low for them. McBride and Sutcliffe are the only two from number 8 upwards that will actually stand up an opponent with a hit. The rest are playing club hurling.

Of the forwards, Burke is a great hurler but won’t win a fight for a ball, Hedgo hasn’t stepped up in his head yet either to the aggression needed at this level. He might never. Dillon won’t win a high ball. Whitely is tough in the tackle, but won’t win a whole heap of his own ball. Rushe will win one high ball in 10 as a forward. O Rourke unfortunately won’t win ball. All we have really is Sutcliffe and Keaney. Schutte needs to be good when he comes back, as does Paul Ryan.

That latter four, with Burke and Dillon, maybe can compete, if they really let rip.

But it is very discouraging. I actually think we are in real trouble and won’t break back into the upper echelons. I think we would have with Gilroy, but I can’t see it at the moment.


Agree with sutcliffe today he was good but played very deep,maybe to avoid being marked as he’d be targeted as a danger man ?

I think we’ll get an even better idea of where we are against Waterford next week,Parnell suits us better and we’re going to probably have to beat Galway or Wexford there to go one step better than last year

Forwards do not score enough points, 20+ is nearly a requirement at inter county now especially at the top and you look at even Waterford and the scores they put up in comparison to us against these weaker teams is crazy

One big worry was that team today was very close to our best

Anyways have to give Kenny a chance it’s early days yet,he’s proven at the top table in club hurling it will take time we have an extremely young team.We started bad last year even worse in fact and we are still talking about that Kilkenny game in championship so hard to judge right now


Lads I’m so disappointed after that. Limerick play the easy pass when it’s on and work scores that way. Today we got the ball to sutcliffe , Moran etc and lumped aimless ball in

I’m clinging to the hope it’s rope a dope stuff like last year and we tear in to championship

My god today was depressing viewing


The 20 points (excluding goals) a match target is over the top. Few teams are doing that sort of scoring on a regular basis, very few. A quick look at today’s result and you will see only two teams out of 13 games scored 20 or more, one of them Galway. 15 points is a more realistic target to set. Anything above that is really good going but it needs a goal or two to compliment it. Wexford beat Tipp scoring only 1-15.