2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill



6 pts down playing with the wind & keeping extra player at the back. WTF!


We look knackered today have to stop messing with the ball at the back the last play summed it up silly play lost the ball goal chance for Galway

A lot to work on going into next week


So Rushe was dropped? Who did he come on for?




Thought our backs played well enough today. In general our inability to lift the ball off the ground was nothing short of useless! Why the need to roll the ball back before the lift? Surly scooping to hand is quicker and more effective? That skill needs to be drilled until we are blue in the face. For ease of exit I walked across the pitch at the finish. Thought the surface was in a dreadful condition. That’s no excuse for the result. But it’s a danger to all 30 players. There were massive divots all across the field. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was the cause of Cain O Callaghan getting injured. He seemed to jar his foot while running for the ball and as a result pulled the hamstring.


Game on tg4 now


Overall we haven’t progressed from last year based on games so far. Nolan’s puck outs were dire at times. 4 in a row to a Galway player and they scored 3 times from it.


We were hammered by Offaly by 13 points last January. So we’re further along then that surely. At least the fitzgibbon is out of the way now, so Kenny has access to the panel properly now. At least a dozen or so of the panel have been involved with that over the last number of weeks, which can’t help.


Whatever about hurling this time of year, Fitzgibbon players etc etc to only score 11 points in 75 mins of hurling is a real real issue! Our set up & refusal to change the way we’re playing when chasing the game Is not good either. No sign this far we’ll match last year never mind step up.


Bit worrying considering how close our 15 was to our championship panel
Arrived just before throw in don’t think there was any changes I may be wrong didn’t look as if there was
Backs solid defensively but need to work on clearing the ball instead of hitting the ball on the back foot lay it off to a man in space then they hit a good clean fast ball into the forwards.Galway done that today we didn’t.The last play of the game summed up that
As for the forwards Burke looked decent trollier had one or two nice scores but that goal kept us in the game,without that it would’ve looked a lot worse.We concede very little goals and score a good few so that is a positive and one of our strong points but shooting for points needs to be worked on and personally I would give Burke a chance in the summer he’s had a few good games now


Jesus we’re being mauled


I wouldn’t use one game to tell a story for either this year or last. I’m not even on about results in general. It’s our overall play, I haven’t seen evidence yet that we have improved. Not passing any sort of judgement on Kenny at all btw. He’ll need a year or two minimum I’d imagine to really put his stamp on it.


At 49 minutes we’ve scored 1.05.


Fair enough, just I don’t ever remember so many dubs out with colleges before, it has to be complicating preparations. Galway’s result v Carlow was probably not the best for us either. But yea, loads to work on. Only really Paul Ryan and winters to come back in in the forwards,


It’s not one game, the last five years we’ve been the same, usually can do the business against weak opposition but once we play the likes of Galway, Tipp etc. a lot of these lads are in over their heads.


I was referring to the beating we took against Offaly last year.

I agree with you, it’s hard to see it being any different this year. Doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong, there’s plenty of counties that would swap places with us in a heartbeat. Maybe it’s just where we’re at and that’s all there is to it


Galway had only 5 starters from the AIF who started today.


We know they’ve quare depth in Galway though. We just need to try and get the formula/setup right in the forwards. Been out achillies heel for some time really.


He came out 3 times off his line …once loosing the ball and the other 2 times he tackled crazily.