2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill


Not really on games played this year, maybe a performance was coming, but it hadn’t happened yet. He had the ball in his hands once against Carlow. He was starting to look better against Offaly before the injury, but still not earth shattering. Although as someone to stop the Galway back line coming out with the ball, he would have been useful.

But that team seems to be more or less just picked from the fit players he has favored since the start of the year. The assumption is that Rushe, Boland and David Treacy are injured. Ryan and Winters not yet ready (don’t know why re Ryan) and Keaney is recovering from an op.

So the only selection decision really was in not playing Burke, and we might find that won’t actually be the case.

We are shaping up to have last years team basically with the addition of Hetherton, Dillon, Burke and Boland (which is pretty good). I think we have one or two guys in Dublin who can make the forwards more dynamic, but maybe it’s a bit early for them age wise.


Any word on Boland injury?


Best of luck to the lads tomorrow, it will be really interesting to see how we start to match up with the best sides in the country.


A bit worrying we haven’t seen him. It’s a month now.

I was thinking actually you never see a player leave a field injured and see him the next time out anymore, they will always miss a game or two. I guess guys going off for ‘a bit of a bang’ doesn’t happen now.


Re Boland…stick me head out to be shot at…dont get the hype.

Saying that not seeing him in Feb wouldnt bother me May to August might be his more favourable ground


No one should be a shot for an opinion!

I think he’s a bit special myself. But I do know that it’s a bit of a hard arguement to make as we have seen very little of him at senior.


I do Ike Boland every time I’ve seen him he impressed me but I can see why people doubt him, that’s understandable as his injuries have held him back

Hopefully he can stay injury free


Will sit on the fence for now regarding Boland.
He does look good at times I’ve seen him.
There might be a case that players seem to become better the more they are missing as well.
Hopefully he gets a run of action to prove himself at some stage anyway.


Still unproven for now but has shown glimpses as to why some rate him so highly. An injury free run needed.


If its a windy day in Salthill could effect the game. Both teams missing lads but rare chance to beat Galway down there, looking forward to the game.


Best of luck to the lads today. Strong team named especially in defence.


I think we should be beating Galway with the team we have named, they have only 5 or 6 regulars. With that said the league for us should be about getting 3 or 4 lads up to the standard of top level hurling. We need a few more forwards taking there chances hopefully we get a few doing so today.


It’s always windy in Salthill no?


True that



2 scores in 25 minutes


I assume they had the wind?

(Assume as in hope!)



Treacy had a chance to put us 3 down sounds bad but the way we were playing it’s a good thing was hooked very easily as was Malone for another one could easily be 4 points down instead of 6 but for stupid decisions

Mattie is ruthless changing things up with 2 subs
Rushe has made an impact better than hedgo was


Rushe is in? So not injured?