2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill


Used to be able to get it worked th one yea.


Yeh should do!


Its strange that even though I don’t think the Rushe at FF thing has worked at all this year, I would be sort of happier seeing him in there against Galway. If nothing else, their defenders won’t get a free run out with the ball. Mind you Winters did well against Galway twice last year, and if he is back available, he would be interesting to see.

Pearse stadium is the full 145m x 90m apparently, so bigger then Croke Pk by 2m in width. This should give Burke the space he needs to get his shots away and gives Dillon room to work with. It gives Galway a shed load of space to work with too, if we let them. Last year, in the first half, they pinged the ball around for fun and ran us ragged. When we bought a bit of intensity in the second half, we closed up the spaces.

The backs are set, more or less (and good). For me midfield should be Boland and McBride (if Boland fit), if not O Connell for Boland. Then for the forwards I would have (and I am basing this on what I think is available as seen in previous games this year - Sutcliffe, Hetherton, Whitely, Burke (playing out the field), Rushe and Dillon.

Hopefully though others are back available, you would think this is a game guys have been aiming to get back for like Ryan and Winters. O Rourke probably deserves a start, but I think Galway are the wrong sort of team for him.

But that forward line is sort of ‘clunky’. Only Burke and Sutcliffe have a bit of style about them. Hetherton has a nice touch sometimes too, but other times not. Dillon is very good, but he takes limited options on the ball (turn outside the man and take him on, turn outside and get a shot away or turn inside and lose it). The first two are very very good options, but he needs more bullets in his armoury.

Whitely is very effective, in any company, but he is more of a worker bee. He won’t win the high puckouts (too often) and score from 60m out. Burke is very effective if given space, but very ineffective if not. Rushe has been much discussed.

If we could just get one or two more guys in there with speed and aggression, and two sides, it could bring us right up the rankings. Two more good forwards could potentially make us a top four team.


Watched this last night, Niall McMorrow was excellent and a real shame that he’s not still involved


Yeah, I thought the same. He is the one guy that can be given the ball in tight situations and you know he will control it and come away with it. I’m not sure what position he could fit into - but he is too good not to be involved in some capacity I think.


I think he would fit in well at centre forward, particularly if we play a 2 man full forward line and 4 half forwards



Any sign of a team?


Probably tomorrow afternoon,not 100% sure though


7 changes for Galway

Galway (HL1B v Dublin): Fergal Flannery; Jack Grealish, Ronan Burke, Aidan Harte; Kevin Hussey, Padraic Mannion, Gearoid McInerney; Cathal Mannion, Sean Loftus; Niall Burke, Joe Canning, Sean Bleahene; Brian Concannon, Jason Flynn, Davy Glennon


Start Danny out on Gearoid mc anyway


I see jack Grealish has switched allegiances again. This time from England to Galway


Good forwards out for Galway a good half back line and a decent midfield
Be interesting to see if we can take advantage of that full back line without Daithi Burke
Moran on Canning? Will that work ?


Strong team out by Galway.Will be tough but thats what we need.Will give us a fair idea of where we are now after playing the relatively easier teams of Carlow and Offaly



That is probably our 1-9 for championship. Boland maybe could get in there. Personally i’d go with that 1-9 with Boland at 10 if fit.
Strong team. Can’t get down tomorrow so will be looking at the deferred game. Will turn off all communication so I don’t get the score.


Watched the 2013 Leinster final there recently, Paul Ryan’s best performance in blue? He was unreal. Where is he now?

Assume they’re resting Burke, he was perephial v UCC, might need a day off.


Very different set up from midfield up. Wonder will the forward line line out like that. EOD is a nailed on starter at 3 for me I’d go as far to say he is one of the best FBs around. I know people like Cian there but for me we should be able to have both in the fb line.

O Connell starting at MF is another plus. I was impressed with him in tullamore, he showed signs of what he can do, loads to offer for us in there.

I’d also expect to see McGibb come in at 9. It’s his best position for me. His ability to chase back due to his pace a bit factor in why I see him as a midfielder.


I can’t see that full forward line doing any sort of damage on the Galway defence . I hope to God its a dummy team


Agreed about the FF line. Rushe is a loss.