2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill


You’d think they would’ve both got competitive games as they’re both talented young lads,I mean Kenny picked davy keogh luke walsh lee gannon who are in and around the same age,but looking back on the 2017 minors Currie was excellent
Maybe next year,too late probably at this rate


I suspected as much, Kenny must feel they need more time.


Surely a player like currie with the underage pedigree he has should be left with the panel to develop, fair enough if Kenny thinks he needs more time, but surely a player like him would benefit far more from staying around the panel and training at an Inter-County standard?


Would seem a sensible approach alright, Might be leaving older Currie off with DCU fitzgibbon panel for now. Assume Sean is with the u21s who i think someone said train with the seniors from time to time.


They surely have to be involved next year ?


I wouldn’t say the door is shut this year just yet. I’d imagine an eye will be kept on everyone and anyone going well will be considered. Pity Colin Currie isn’t able to force his way onto the DCU team because that’d be good experience.


Hugely talented DCU team,but plenty of Dublin lads on it so that’s a good sign


Ah yea, i know, their panel is crazy, just if he was playing he’s be in the shop window more and geting good experience.


Does anyone actuly have the current panel? Just might help rather yhen lads querying why certain players arent getting a run, when the fact is they might not be involved


Panels tend to be fairly fluid these days, especially at this time of year, could vary week to week, don’t really think teams do the whole “this is the set league panel of 45 players and after the league we’ll cut it to 30 and that’ll be that”.


Most munster counties release a league panel in advance. Not a problem just would allow people know who is actually in the mix and stop the doubts around why certain players havent been seen


Having a set panel would be the wrong way to do things! Even if only for the simple reason that a player in Colleges games might show something special that could merit his inclusion in an up coming fixture for the county!


Were they on it at some stage?


Yes I believe they were.


Surprised they didn’t see any action they’re both very good and the fact that lads their age got minutes
Strange but we’ll definitely see them play at some stage over the next year or two


I think it could be named, with the understanding it’s fluid. The downside of naming it is that when guys are let go from it, it’s public, but that can be managed.

At some stage there has to be an official panel because guys have to qualify for mileage or not. But I think there are more benefits to naming it then not.


I can kind of agree with you! But the only ones that really benefit are people like us on here! Door always open for new players is vital. Might be a little different with our footballers. They already have an excellent panel! So different rules may apply in this case!



This also good, I found it on YouTube a wee while ago. From 2016. Tour de force by Rushe at 6.


Tg4 seem to be showing this as deferred game, which is great.

I am out of the country on Sunday, does anyone know can TG4 be got with a VPN?