2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill


A ravine would be deep! A plateau is higher :grinning:


I am not sure the lads highlighted between 18 and 21 are any better than the previous lads. We were beaten by a poor Wexford team at u20 level at home. We live in hope.


The bookies have us 9th favourites to win the all Ireland. I think that’s fair. So depsite progress under Gilroy that’s where we’re at. I expect performances to improve and we’re in very good shape in defence and midfield. We have some class individual forwards and if we can knit 6 together we’ll go ok. It’s a very competitive championship and we haven’t made a stamp on I for a number of years for a variety of reasons. I’d give it a bit more time.


That quote right there says it all really! If Kenny can get us doing that then there can be no complaints really!


I don’t think that was a poor Wexford team to be honest. I know they didn’t go much further, but they took Galway to extra time in the final.

This is a statement I can’t back up really. Time will either prove me right or wrong I guess, but I think Paul Crummy, Colin Currie, Hayes and Conor Burke at least will contribute a lot in the future. Results in the past don’t help me make that argument I know, but just looking at their skill level, athleticism and in the case of Crummy and Burke, their ability in the air - I think they will come good.


The Cuala players almost all played to their potential, most of the time, in fact id say they’d all improved as players in the last few years from where they were. We’ve seen clubs with much more underage success fail to make an impact outside dublin, so, hopefully he will improve the Dublin players when he actually gets them in for a few training sessions uninterrupted. not going to happen overnight. Thought those young lads would benefit from being involved but maybe he thinks they’ll learn more playing club games then warning the bench for dublin.


I think we’ll get better as the year goes on but don’t expect much before next year. It’s been a tumultuous and problematic few years and the hangover from the year of Gilroy & Co should not be underestimated, it was a double edged sword, if nothing but for the impact they made that was lost so soon.


But there is no great need for it to be lost, all the players are still there. In fairness to Kenny, I don’t think he is trying to do anything too crazy this year and to just grow on last year, and I think he will. I think when everyone gets motoring we will be a slightly better team then last year, and that’s fine.

My fear is that a) he doesn’t continue the major fitness regime Gilroy did and b) he doesn’t sell his message to the players. But if they go ok, we will be fine I think. But next Sunday will tell a lot…


I agree, but what I mean is inevitably it’s a different person with a very different style and personality who is there now, so it takes time to adjust. This on top of the problems prior to Gilroy & co. Kenny & Co will need two years just to get fully bedded in but I agree, they have some very good things to build on also from the previous year. So it comes back to that term, adjustment.

We know that Gilroy’s personality and style and talent has a huge impact on players and on a whole set-up, he is a man (along with Whelan) and to some extent A. Cunningham) who are proven and very experienced at the very top level. It’s a hard space to come into even though it was only a year. There’s inevitably a hangover.


Fitness wins very little at hurling. All the teams are fit and strong. Dublin’s results last year when you analyse them last year were marketed better then they actually were. It was a marked improvement from Cunningham era

We also played Kilkenny in Parnell Park. We could always beat anyone there even in the bad days.

We’ve little or no chance I think in Nowlan Park this year


Funny that i seem to remember getting hammered by 20 odd points in parnell pk several times in the not too distant past


We also played Kilkenny in Parnell Park. We could always beat anyone there even in the bad days…

Jack, you must have been in London for some of the bad days. So many beatings. One year, I remember us having Shiner and Morrissey and thinking we had a good team…and Kilkenny beat us in Parnell by about 25 points. I was actually too depressed to cry coming home. That is why that Cork clown was so hated for setting us back. It’s why we get so emotional and worried over defeats. We have come from a place of serious pain and multiple hammerings.


Fittness and conditioning is key to a lot of teams. Galway won an All Ireland by being bigger, faster, stronger then everyone else. Kilkenny were usually bigger / faster / stronger too. Dublin under Daly only really made strides when they got physically more able and could dominate in the air. I think it is more important in hurling then a lot of other sports.


That was my big issue with Cunningham, he seemed to be trying to manage everything to a lower expectancy level.

Personally I don’t particularly mind the odd day when we don’t really show up, like last week. That happens every team. But I would absolutely hate us to go back to the stage where anything less then a 10 point defeat to a good team, was considered not too bad.

At the early stages of the championship qualifier system, we had horrible defeats to Cork (in Parnell) and Waterford. We just can’t go back to that again. I don’t think we will, but we need to be careful. We need another generation of good teams to put us firmly in the top tier.


You’re picking out one game - that kilkenny team played in the AI Final that year.

Last years Kilkenny team only made the last 6.


Galway won because they have better hurlers. Limerick won last year not due to size. Just look at their striking off either hand. the hand- passing , the first touch… the finishing …

We’ve always had big athletes but they aren’t technically proficient enough.


If you don’t remember us losing loads of matches by big scores, then you must have been away for years. There is no point in keeping at it. You are simply wrong here.


But you’re the one comparing apples and oranges . Last year’s Kilkenny’s team was no greater then top 6 at best . One performance last year seems to be people’s analysis that somehow we are on the slide this year when in fact we are no better or worse then we were

The 1998 kilkenny team only lost the AI thanks to the sheep in a heap comment by Babs.

When you see the physical conditioning arguments you’d wonder will we ever root out the cause of the issue.


I was simply disagreeing with your assertion that back in the day we could beat allcomers to Parnell Park.


Think back in the day we got some good results in Parnell Pk but only in league games! Championship was a different kettle of fish!