2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill


They should be some very good additions,pity they couldn’t get a run in the league but that’s the way it is

Only unfortunate thing is that every other team have lads to bring back too😂


True but having our best 15 makes a huge difference to us, we dont have the depth of a tipp or galway. and remember when lambasting our players afterr a defeat, tipp were pretty awful last summer, some of their basics at times had to be seen to be believed. When a team is off colour the basics can desert good players.


I agree sure we can only play with what we have,good additions coming back into the squad,obviously not all can start so the bench will have a good bit more quality on it than last year,a good bench was needed last year in the last few minutes of games

Unfortunately for the lads coming in they see little or no league but there’ll be in house and challenge games im sure so the team obviously isn’t picked yet


Thing is with those coming back.

Winters has shown glimpses of promise but is not a certain starter. Schutte has been away from county level for a bit so will need to adjust back to county level. Boland is promising but still has to deliver at senior level consistently. Paul Ryan for me was the form forward in Dublin last SHC and will solve the free taking issues so is a shoe in. So they do overall mean a stronger selection/bench.


No, I don’t agree with that. From the start a few here have been saying Cian Boland will make a difference, and he certainly didn’t disprove that with his Walsh Cup appearances. Schutte is an ex All Star nominee, it is perfectly logical to hope that he will bring something (no one has said he definitely will though). Keaney is surely beyond having to prove he will bring something and a few other players have been discussed with their pros and cons, but no outlandish claims on behalf of any of them that I can see.

Mind you, I think it is a lot more interesting for someone to say that they believe player X has the capacity to add something rather then saying for example that Sutcliffe will bring something. We all know Sutcliffe and the better players will do well, but it is interesting to see who people think also have that capacity.


Absolutely no one really knows. Mind you I have no idea really how the likes of Burke, Dillon, Whitley etc will perform either and they are there all the time recently. But from a discussion point of view it wouldn’t make it very interesting if no one put forward their thoughts on who could come through.

At the end of the day (sorry cliche police!) it’s down to opinions and instincts and a bit of evidence. I think Boland has the pedigree and showed it this year in a few games that he has the capacity to be a cut above. I think Schutte has done it in the past, so has the potential - but that’s it really, we need to see it. I think Winters came on in all the championship games last year and made a very decent contribution. So at a minimum he will make the bench stronger.

But who ultimately knows. Even if you saw them every night in training, you couldn’t be sure.


Schutte,Ryan,Boland and Keaney are sure to offer something.Weve seen good performances from all 4 of them

Its a natural thing that teams have players to come back,unfortunately we dont have as many to come back as other counties,but the ones who do have to be given chances to push into the first 15,they are good players


ah yea, agree like, they are pretty solid options to have and will improve things. But some of them will need time and others have a lot to prove still.


When we get are full 15 out we have a decent side. However the problem is the type of players we are producing are good but not good enough to beat the best. We have been hockied several times at underage level by all the other counties in finals and semi finals. The type of athletic player we are producing will only get you so far they dont have the wristy striking movement or touch of the other counties. We need to focus on complete hurlers from u15 at county level no more dual players. If you had that these lads would get double the amount of hurling into them at county level because you wouldnt have to wait for lads who are football training. How can we honestly expect to bridge the gap against all these other counties when they hurl twice as much as us. The county board wont bring any reforms in though because its a football county and we are winning at football and the hurlers will be relatively competitive. Which probably suits them. The backs we have are good but from midfield up what players would make any of the other top 7 counties? Not many


The few days after a defeat are always going to throw up all the old arguments and criticisms. Duel players, athletes, not wristy etc. Now there’s merit in a lot of it, and can’t blame the doom and gloom for rearing it’s head, especially with that weather out there. The league was always going to be more down than up. We’re obviously doing serious training. Mattie was renonwed for it with Cuala, 6am stuff etc. Leggy is just the start of it. When we get our full compliment back up front we’ll be grand. Backs and midfield are top notch. Not saying people shouldn’t question it, just don’t throw the baby out with the bath water yet. It’s a minimum 2 years before we see the peak imo. What happened with Pat was unfortunate but we are where we are.


Cuala won all ireland twice, were pushed all the way in Dublin both seasons, I don’t buy this inferior hurler lark. We do this every time we lose a match.

Sure we dont have as many top clas hurlers as the top counties but if we had everyone we’ve produced, we’d be close enough. Especially dual players seem to be forwards mostly. We have challenges due to football but Kilkenny were hammered at the weekend, I doubt they’re having an existential crisis.


I think there are two separate things being discussed really, the first is the loss to Galway, which was poor right enough, but it happens every county at some stage. The second is the whole development of Dublin hurling. The two aren’t necessarily linked and I think we tend to over analyse defeats in too broad a context. We could well bounce back and beat Waterford next week, but that wouldn’t change the over all dynamic.

I think you are right, we do get beaten at under age by counties and we don’t have enough hurlers with fluid enough a technique. But there are some counter points - we have beaten good counties at under age too, and we have achieved enough to produce a decent senior team. All of this too was said about the footballers pre 2011.

I think you are right too in that the issues you highlight stop us winning All Ireland’s. But I don’t think too many of us are looking for that now. I think we have enough good hurlers to be competitive at top 6 level and I think we will be.

This discussion comes up after every bad beating. But it is sort of a how many angels on the head of a pin thing, we don’t really know what failure and success really is (or at least we all have differing views on it), so one mans crisis is another mans ‘not bad’. Personally I think if 8 months ago we were at a stage when we had Kilkenny beaten in the last 3 minutes of a championship game,we are not too far away.

I think we have to be managed a little differently, and yes be more intense to make up for our bit of a technical deficit. But I think we can be. I also think we have enough really good hurlers to trouble anyone, but we don’t have enough outside the top 18 players. But for a 4 game championship, that might be enough.

If we get hammered next week, I would worry but for now I am treating it as a blip. It may well be willful ignorance on my part, but I do actually think we will be ok. But as I said, if the Waterford game is as poor I would worry about both players and management.


Personally i think there is an unwillingness by the county board to do everything for dublin hurling to reach the top. All other top hurling counties already have hurling tradition and its their main game. They dont have to deal with football of course they have an advantage. I realise as ive said we have a good first 15 but to push it to being all ireland contenders we need to up our game. Things are improving but our record of senior leinster titles speaks for itself. 1 in almost 60 years.


Looking at 2nd and third level colleges there are double at least the amount of players being exposed to top level competition compared to even ten years ago. Thats a good pool of players getting used to faster hurling. Will take a few years but hopefully there will be a bounce from that. Most of these players focused on hurling as there main sport.


For a little perspective … we have beaten Limerick in 2011 & 2015 in QF and qualifier (lost other 4). Beat Clare in 2010 qualifier and win only one other of 6 … in 1889 … but it was the All Ireland Final!

The last time we beat Tipp, Cork and Waterford were 1917, 1927 and 1938 respectively … but the good news is they were all to win the All Ireland!!!


Thats true definitely as regards second level colleges. We definitely have more lads playing in 3rd level too which will benefit us too although if you measure it up with lads from other counties playing 3rd level we have way fewer than some of the other top counties.


To be fair, we weren’t at the races for decades in between.

Daly’s team were some of the first to come through the new structures, in 2005 McCaffery captained the minors to a first Leinster since the 80s. We’ve won a glut (by our standards) since. U21 have a decent record as well. Streets ahead of where we were.

Daly’s team still took a few years to get to the point where they could compete with the best teams (and even then that ridiculous kk team were far too good for us - as well as everyone else). But Daly’s Dublin didn’t hit the highs till they were at the peak of their powers.

We compete well at most age groups up the way, sure we don’t win all Ireland’s too often but if our teams can compete at those age groups, at schools, and college teams are made up of dubs now as well, Cuala wining all Irelands, then i think hopefully we’re building towards more sustained competitiveness … hopefully.


We have progressed from a very low ebb and now i think we have plateaued. Its 14 years since we won that leinster minor. How many top quality forwards have we produced since then. You could go through all the top counties and list the quality forwards that they have produced in the last 14 years and continue to produce, our list would be very small. We cant win a ball in the air and if we can we havent the speed to make space and strike it over the bar.


I could live with a plateau, if it was a little higher. Based on Sunday’s game, and it is unfair to base it one game. We are about 9th, and I think we have better hurlers then that. So, for me, the immidiate problem is getting to where we should be, and I think that is about three places higher.

To go consistently higher then that, we need better forwards as you say. But I think they are on the way. We have lads between 18 and 21 that are maybe a little young yet (or not), that are quality.

I don’t think we have an All Iteland winning team in the near future though. I think Gilroy could have made the sum total of the team better then they are individually and that is what’s needed to win something.


That is deep … :grin: