2019 NHL Round 5 Dublin vs Laois-Parnell Park-Sunday March 3rd 2pm


depsnds on how many games at home in the group. We had 3 so if ee play a team who only had 2 home games they get home venue. If we get a team who also had 3 home games in group its coin toss or where an agreement sits between counties…I believe we have a home away agreement with Wexford


Laois v Limerick is in Portlaoise.




The way the modern game is played you have to be able to win aerial ball up front even if you’re small

As long as we play forwards who can score I don’t mind who plays . But for me that includes Donal Burke

Danny back to top form is great though


But why play aerial ball into a guy who stands a better chance winning a low ball? Or indeed why play a low ball in if he is better in the air? With 3 lads in your full forward line get to know their strengths and play to them! That was my main point mentioned above!


Great point actually

You should have an idea from playing and training but it’ll take time,sometimes they actually do it,against Offaly in February trollier was a target every time with low quick ball and the last day against Waterford the ball was head height to rushe and trollier and it worked


Defenders won;t get the luxury of perfect ball all the time the way forwards close down defenders these days in my view


But very important not to keep playing every ball to the same player. For example if we play every ball low into O Rourke not only will defenders be ready for it but also it wastes the use of the other 2 forwards! Need to vary it! But definitely a work in progress!


That’s also a fair point London Jack! Defenders need to work on releasing the ball much quicker!


I am fascinated with Burke to be honest. Once or twice a game he can get an amazing point out of nowhere- but he literally might not touch the ball for the rest of the game. I think it was into the second half on Sunday before he had the ball in his hands.

I think there is a fabulous hurler in there, but he needs work on either speed or strength so he can get his hands on the ball. I think managers need to ask a bit more of him too.


Only if they can see where it is going though, big clearances for the sake of it, usually come straight back at you.

I wouldn’t mind seeing one of the midfielders carry the odd ball up the middle. O Connell tries it a few times, but it hasn’t really worked for him. Boland is good at it though when he gets going. It can be a good (occasional) alternative way to transfer between backs and forwards. Get the ball to the half forward line and then a wee pop pass to Danny or Hedgo, looping around, to score. It can be a handy enough point sometimes.


I think it’s an obsession at this stage WiFi :joy::joy:


You can only get the ball if it’s coming your way.


Yeah, I know. I played corner forward at times and I have got the curley finger even though the ball never passed the half way line, so I do get that. But still…

But absolutely the guy is a fine hurler with a special talent - I am not disputing that at all.


he was in flying form up till the DCU semi-final, think the number of games caught up with him a bit. Sundays weather was not going to suit him or Paul Ryan, and actually i’d doubt whether we will play with all three of Ryan, Burke and tracy at the same time?


Correct about the weather,hard for anyone,especially for Burke,they were dreadful conditions



Its not fair. All those posh kids in Dalkey with their iPhones and Subaru Galaxys. What chance does a culchie player have when all the kids are elbow deep in a heifers hole.


Maybe we need to invest some time in him.

Dublin has traditionally always favoured lads who can dig a ditch over hurlers . It’s something that’s always been rather strange for us compared to other counties.

He can score from play quite easily . Not many of the others can.


He can take a score ridiculously easy, he doesn’t really do wides. But he needs to be getting on the ball. In the first half against Wexford in the u21 last year, he was getting out in front of the full back, turning and scoring. It was exhibition stuff - but that’s the sort of template of a game he needs. Maybe he needs to be put in a position where the ball is going to be coming at him regularly. Normally he seems to be looking for space, where he can utilize his superior skill, but that’s rare enough at senior inter county.