2019 NHL Round 5 Dublin vs Laois-Parnell Park-Sunday March 3rd 2pm


I thought the jersey change actually bought the colour clash with Laois a little closer, the original might have been better.


Could tell as a minor that he was a good bit of stuff, probably rushed through initially but great he’s finding his feet so well now.


Every game now I hear from or go to it’s about paddy smyth,for a corner back to get that much credit shows something whether it was DCU or Dublin he’s going to have a huge future

Fair play to the intelligent hurling people on here that recognize the work of a corner back and not just the few outstanding forwards :joy:


I’ve always been aware of Padddy S - his uncle never shuts up about him! :joy::joy::joy: Great to see him do so well.


Ref was very good today I thought. He indicated every decision (if it wasn’t obvious), so we all knew what it was for. He pulled Rushe for a dodgy handpass, which he really has to watch - they all look a bit dodgy to me.


Yeah very little discernible striking action in any intercounty handpass


He was good! But almost made an error by not realising that he had already booked the Laois player when yellow carding him for a 2nd offence! Think it was more the crowd reaction that finally brought it to his attention.


I missed that… actually I didn’t see the reason for the sending off at all to be honest. I’m not sure we would have won without it though. It left Moran free to mop up everything that went near him.


Not sure exactly what happened, but it was just in front of me on the stand side. Treacy had the ball and popped it off. I followed the ball but then saw Laois 8/9 on the ground holding his stomach. Can imagine the two lads gave each other a belt each. There was no complaints from either so 2 yellows probs warranted


Yeah, probs.


Any news on the refixtures? Next weekend?


Supposed to be out today,probably lunch time


The Walsh Cup is over and the regulation part of the league, and there are positives. The backs are good,midfield has good options. We have good keeper options and Danny is flying. But there are worrying negatives too.

At the moment the full forward line is shambolic. I think between them they had three touches in the first half yesterday. Three scores from a full forward line in a half is poor, three touches is terrible.

I wouldn’t be overly concerned about Ryan, he has shown he can do it over the last 10 years or so. Also O Rourke was good when he came on - but I do worry if he can overcome the size thing in the summer. He has a lovely touch and shot - but other teams have guys who are 6’2” with the same abilities.

Rushe has been poor throughout the league. Very poor actually. His build and athletic abilities seem more like a rugby player then a hurler. But I do see the managers dilemma. He is poor and then he was key for us in the Waterford game. But I think the bad outweighs the good at this stage. Winters is a better all round package. Rushe might be good somewhere - but not ff (maybe wing HF).

Burke is a young lad, so i don’t want to overly critique him (hopefully he wouldn’t give a shite what eejits like me think anyway), but I think he needs to spend time away from the team developing physically. He has played so much hurling recently, he can’t have had time for training. But he needs to get involved in the play a lot more. His game is totally built around turning and shooting and he is only looking for the ball in areas where that is possible. He was great for 35 min against Carlow, good against Offaly and for the rest of it he looked a bit out of place.

Dillon is turning himself into a one trick pony, and he is so much better then that. He tries to turn outside his marker on every single pick up. Four times out of five he turns the ball over or slips (and then turns it over). The other time he scores right enough, but they aren’t good enough percentages. He also needs to just tidy up his pick up and keep it simple.

For a lot of games we have effectively played without a full forward line. Which would make you think what we would be like if we had one. We are an unusual team in the bulk of our skill level and athleticism is in the backs, not the forwards. So much so, that I think he may need to look at converting another back.

For me, our full forward line at the moment should be something like Schutte, Winters, Ryan and that is mainly because we haven’t seen much of them yet, but they can’t be worse. Whitley isn’t a specialized corner forward, but he will do ok if we need him there. O Rourke is a possibility - we will see how he goes in the QF.

From one to twelve I think we are genuinely as strong as anyone out there, maybe stronger then a lot. But 13 to 15 is not going well. It would make you wonder why Colin Currie or Conor Burke aren’t getting a go…


Wasn’t at the game yesterday but how do we get from the High of the game against Waterford last week to this,remember conditions were horrendous yesterday and anyone who has ever hurled knows how bad it can be,the weather was so bad yesterday that the best football team of this generation struggled

The fact is we’ve had a better league then last year,we’ve beaten all but one team put in front of us and we know that we struggle to motivate ourselves against smaller teams,we’ll have a quarter final soon against a top team and we’ll know more then,but there has been many positives this league

Burke has had a good few games,trollier from what I’ve seen has scored but hasn’t played brilliantly but what if he does ? Paddy smyth is looking at home now,sounds like we’ve decent competition for the number 1 jersey,o rourke putting his hand up,ryan schutte boland etc all to come back to their best,Danny really playing well,we’ve a good base to build from in the backs amongst other things

We’re not going to win the all Ireland or whatever but I think we’ll give this Leinster championship a good bash and from the league you can see why we can

We’ve had a fairly good first 5 games,it’s going to take time,Laois had more to play for yesterday,would’ve we played better if promotion was on the line, probably yes ?


I think the reality is much nearer the Waterford game then yesterday. We are a very decent side. But I worry that Kenny is basing his full forward line selections on what he hopes will happen, rather then the evidence of the games he has seen. I think he is generally right, he seems to be more or less working with last years team and anyone who wants into the team has to prove they can do better, so I wouldn’t change anything he has done to date, but a time for decisions is coming up.

But I think the poorness of the full forward line has to be factored in somewhere. Honestly, in total they had three touches between them all in the first half yesterday, in a game where we had lots of the ball. I have never seen a sporting experiment go on for so long as Rushe at full forward, and it not work. Yet, I do understand it - because when it works it works. But I think they need to look at the times it doesn’t work too and factor in the turned over ball. Big teams beat us badly because the ball doesn’t stick with our forwards sometimes. I would have no issue with a full forward line that doesn’t score too much, once they can get on the ball. But if that’s not happening, it just ends up with the backs being bombarded.

I do think with the team as is, we can reach a Leinster final, which is decent. But I can’t help thinking, if we could make the ball stick more in the full forward line, there could be a lot more in us. I have never seen a Dublin team with the strength in depth that we have from one to twelve.



Interesting point about Oisin O Rourke’s markers being 6”2 or what ever! Start playing low ball into him! He can turn his man and get the shot away! Play to our strengths. If a forward is better in the air then play into that! I think Dillon likes a ball dropped in behind his marker where he can use his speed to get on to the ball and then run at the goals! Different horses different courses! Half backs and midfielders need to be clued in to who they are playing the ball into! And obviously not always play into the same player. Keep their backs worried!


Similarly with Rushe and Hedgo,they need the ball around face height directly at them and running onto it

Hedgo can wins puckouts all day like that


Yep, we have gone from not being able to win puckouts to save our lives, to having lots of options for them. Hedgo fairly inconsistent though (although I thought he had a decent first half yesterday).

Interestingly too, Ronan Hayes came on yesterday and did well on the bit of ball that came his way. He must have been injured as he has hardly appeared at all under Kenny (I assume). He is a viable option also.

On subs- Boland got a point yesterday that not everyone would have got and he made it look easy. He just has the fundamentals worked out perfectly and things go to plan for him.

Another guy with excellent fundamentals is McMorrow. I think he could do a real job on this team as a corner forward. Far too good not to be involved.


Are the QFs home/away/neutral?