2019 NHL Round 5 Dublin vs Laois-Parnell Park-Sunday March 3rd 2pm


Think 1A and 1B are essentially going to be jumbled together for 2020.

Details of how are explained here: https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/sport/gaa/2020-allianz-leagues-beginning-to-take-shape-907594.html


Yep, back to the future for the hurling league. Had this format before and it was dull enough.


It was definitely a day for defenders but a lot of the Dublin forwards struggled. Majorly over complicated things, giving extra passes when not needed and generally poor decision making. Every forward was guilty of it - Danny had a particularly wobbly 5 mins before half time. Ryan and Treacy were very poor - both windy players, great on their day, and defo more suited to summer hurling. Treacy did work hard, Ryan just looked like he didn’t want to know.

Agree re pitch being dangerous. In the second half players couldn’t turn without falling over. Barrett at the end half slipped going down to pick up the ball and got a thigh to the head for his troubles and likely a concussion for his troubles.

2 great scores from both O Rourke and Danny in the second half. Although O Rourke missed one shot, I thought he was very good when he came on and won his fair share of ball.

Overall have to be happy with the win and the fight displayed by the team, but serious lack of cohesion in the forwards again, particularly in the first half.


If it’s to be the Cuala style of play minus Con, he needs to play fast, agile lads in the full-forward line. O Rorke fulfilled the role perfectly when he came on. There is no room for Rushe in that game plan. Mind you, we should have a few different ways of playing and be comfortable alternating between them. I cannot see why he did not go 15 on 15 when we had the wind in the second half. Keeping the middle congested suited Laois. It could have cost us the game.


Everything pushed back a week now. Any more delays and the April for clubs is in trouble!


Anecdotal evidence would suggest April is not really for clubs either way!


Ah, I think ‘windy’ is harsh. They aren’t overly aggressive I agree, but I think that’s different. Burke was actually less effective then either of them probably. I wouldn’t be too concerned about Ryan, it’s his first day back and he nearly always comes good for championship.

O Rourke does really good things, but then sometimes he is just pushed off the ball as if he isn’t there. But he is in contention for a place which I didn’t really think he would be.

But the forwards aren’t really looking anything like a unit yet to me. Sutcliffe and Dillon are starters. Probably Hedgo too. But the rest could be anyone yet. Keaney I assume will be there too. But we need two high quality ones to support them and no one else has shown enough yet. Hayes did well with his few minutes, so did Whitely. But it’s getting near now to championship and I think we need to see a unit coming together.


I don’t think we withdrew a forward, I read it more like Rushe just playing a little further out. Rushe actually swapped with Sutcliffe near the end and that worked a little bit.


I agree with comments here regarding the pitch, walked it after the game and it was not playable at all.
Thought Burke, Malone, Ryan and Hedgo were all very poor but again the conditions played there part in that. Thought Treacey and McBride worked hard along with Rushe. Fair played to Brennan in goal, not easy to play in those conditions at all and I thought his pick outs were great


At no stage had we 3 in the full forward line. At no stage had we six forwards. Rushe was actually in our half of the pitch for most of the last ten minutes.


Ok maybe windy is a bit harsh. Both lads when good are unplayable, just don’t get those days enough out of either which is why in my opinion they’re so frustrating to watch. You know what they can do just doesnt happen enough. I feel today, both of them looked like they’d played very little hurling and looked rusty.


Wouldn’t judge forwards on the surface that was deemed playable today… ref was rolling the ball on the ground at the Killester end beforehand - not sure what that was about!
In reality, Donal Burke who was super a month ago on a better pitch was probably the most anonymous of them all but if ballwinners like Rushe and co choose to play summer hurling, sending balls into the corners, they are going to please no one only defenders. We should have been more direct and then the likes of Trollier and Ryan could have been more dangerous on that surface.
Sutcliffe, O’Rorke were our best attackers on a day that should have suited Hedgo if Dublin sent in early ball towards the goals.
Our midfield struggled on a day that was best for our defenders with Moran leading the way.
Brennan made two very key saves in the first half when Dublin were under pressure and is probably the best shot blocker in the county.
It has to be said that the ref was kinder to us than Laois on this day, thankfully.
Now I will be keen to see what the CCCC wil do tomorrow - unlikely to get the remaining games played under lights during the week at this notice so our quarter final could be Sat/Mon of the BH weekend to avoid the club final on Paddy’s Day.


The ref was kinder to us than Laois?? How so? How many scoreable frees did we get?


For some of the last 10 min, we only had one forward! But that was more by accident then design I think. I don’t think at any stage was there a plan to withdraw a forward to the backs- but frankly I was too f******g cold to be confident of anything!


Wasn’t at the game today but I suppose from being out in those conditions in Roscommon it’s impossible to play hurling, good to hear that Boland had an involvement,whitely is making an impact off the bench and it sounds like he did again today

Great to hear good reports about Danny today,that’s too good games and a decent performance against Galway so if we have him firing on all cylinders we shouldn’t be too far away

Doesn’t sound too convincing today but bigger games lie ahead, it was a bigger game for Laois today

Reckon the league will be all pushed back next week, as there are 3 games to play that concern us


On a dry day we would have been at least 8 or 9 points better than Laois. It suited them to have a slow game in shite conditions. When our fresh forwards came on and the pace increased we pulled away , barely.

It was concerning that their sweeper caused us so much trouble. We will be up against a better execution of the sweeper coupled with hard working forwards when we meet Wexico. Today should be a warning that we need to play the ball out 3x faster.


Every word of that is true.


Terrible conditions but still enjoyed it.2really good saves kept us in the game.couldn’t comment on players good /bad in those conditions.can we get a good roof installed and maybe some heaters😅young lad didn’t even want to have a puck around at half-time.


Playing that game today in those conditions was nothing short of ridicules! I arrived at the ground about 1:20 and ref was taking a good look at the situation. I was a bit alarmed to see the amount of surface water! Nothing short of a miracle that there was no serious injuries. Although the Barrett injury was partly caused by the wet surface! I think it would be very harsh to point a finger at any player having an off day out there today. However one or two deserve a mention actually managing to stand out for their excellence! Brennan in goal made a couple of outstanding saves. Danny did great! His double score in 30 seconds was outstanding. Oisin O Rourke showed well when introduced. Paddy Smyth was solid as a rock at the back. I actually thought Rushe did ok when he drifted out of the full forward position. Used his muscle and bulk to good effect during the final 10 mins. Like someone said already Paul Ryan is only back and will need a bit more game time and will come good in championship time! Good also to see Boland back in action!


Paddy smyth is a real find isn’t he,great young lad