2019 NHL Round 5 Dublin vs Laois-Parnell Park-Sunday March 3rd 2pm


9 - 8 Laois


8.9 now. Still slow coming out if the backs.


Our over carrying of the ball is insane. If ever there was a day to move it quick


Trolliwr and Boland on


Constantly carrying the ball into trouble. Brain dead stuff. Dillon on for Burke. Cian Boland for Malone. 12 gone. Down by one.


Boland pt



Pure class from ORourke.




LAOIS down to 14


Two subs in first 12 mins? Injuries?


12.11 now. Danny wi5h two inside a minute. Big 5 minutes for Dublin.


Come on lads


Good man Danny. Looking at reports it seems Brennan in goal has had a super day also.


Update ?


Won by 2


Great … sounds like a battle but great to get the win


I read their is no promotion dis year somewhere … what’s happening then ?


Nice to get the win but barely deserved it. Danny great. Brennan too. After that it was a poor display. Ryan and Treacey in particular were anonymous. Barrett concussed at the end I think.

Could not agree that the pitch was playable in the second half. Quite dangerous imho.


If that match was a 3pm throw in, it would have been cancelled. Agree that keeper and Danny were excellent. Full back line did little wrong. Tactics were silly and failed. We were trying to play summer hurling in a focking deluge. Every needless extra pass, every nonsensical solo, hurt us and kept Laois in the game. I now believe fundamentally that Rushie in the forwards is not the answer.


Don’t mind next year, what’s happening next week? When will postponed games be played, and after that the quarter finals?


I agree with all that. I wouldn’t worry too much about them over playing the ball, it was the right thing to do, just on the wrong day. They won’t face weather like that again too soon. It probably shouldn’t have been played to be honest.

On Rush, I really just dont know. That wasn’t his worse game at full forward this year. Some of the stuff he does is effective. But he looks so slow and cumbersome sometimes, you would really worry.

O Rourke did well, and Boland got a nice point and a few effective touches. But the forwards are still a major work in progress. But fair play to them for getting the win, that was a day when surprises happen.