2019 NHL Round 5 Dublin vs Laois-Parnell Park-Sunday March 3rd 2pm


7 to 4. Danny hurling well


Laois have a sweeper infront if our 2 man FF line


And that’s about it unfortunately. The rest need to get the finger out.


Anything happening?


7 to 5. Tracey free from Rushe


We are taking too much out of the ball and the 2 man full forward line is not working.


7 . 6
Tracey free again


Is it Burke & Ryan?


Sweeper causing massive problems. More tha5 the lads are taking way too much out ofnth3 ball coming out trying 5o avoid the sweeper. They get caught and turned over.




Sounds like a typical waterlogged dirge of a Match.


Pretty sure Trolier will be deployed early 8n th3 2nd half. He just came out from tj3 dressing room to warm up.


Both have only had about two touches each. But horrible weather to be trying to race out to ball. Half forwards doing ok. O Rourke might do better here then Burke or Ryan given the weather


Any score from Waterford game ?


It’s postponed


Wondering why I cud not find it


O Rourke on


For Paul Ryan. Laois are fighting for their lives here.


7.7 Rourke with dirst touch


8.7 dublin up