2019 NHL Round 5 Dublin vs Laois-Parnell Park-Sunday March 3rd 2pm


Good to see Paul Ryan back, although in a way I was looking forward to seeing how o’rorke Got on, suspect they’re fighting for the same spot.


If Dillon has the left corner, which he probably has, that’s O Rourke, Ryan, Schutte, Whitley, Burke all fighting for the right corner…


Don’t think David Tracey is shoe in for starting in half forwards either! Some days he is excellent. But other times he can be just average! Burke could easily get the call to start at no. 10 ahead of him. We give out a lot about quality of our forwards. But actually if all 8 or 10 are fit and well to do battle for starting 6 places then we are going to be ok!


Whats the craic today, Dublin win and Waterford win and we top 1B?


Miserable conditions for this one! Hammering rain and no sign of a let up!


Best of luck today to the lads. lets finish strong and head into the last 8 full of belief


Going to make for a tricky one


Waterford Galway off I see.


Am heading to Parnell now. Safe to presume game will go ahead?


Still on judging by Dub match tracker. Unable to make it myself. A good one to have to miss at least!!


On - and a good few hardy souls braving it. My only prediction is that the game won’t finish 15 v 15.




Conditions very slippy. Lads finding it hard to stay vertical.


Pitch is borderline. Standing water in places. Quite dangerous on the stand sideline. Both sides tentative. You could get hurt on a pitch like this. 3-3 after ten minutes.


Still tipping down or has it stopped?




6-3 Laois. Dublin not at the races.



7 to 3 now. We are taking too much out of the ball, trying to roll lift on a wet sod when a jab lift is needed and using short puck outs too much.