2019 NHL Round 5 Dublin vs Laois-Parnell Park-Sunday March 3rd 2pm


Rushe ran onto those balls though, they weren’t landed on his head. The few that were, he didn’t get.

After Hedgo’s score he (Hedgo) went to give the guy marking him a bit of a dunt (all the footballers now seem to do it since the day Kilkenny ate Fionn Fitzgerald in the AI final and let him know every time), but the guy in this case had uncooperatively walked away and Hedgo had to look for him a bit - which took away from it a little. :grinning:. The ref spoke to him about it which I thought was a bit OTT.


Get you completely, but good to see him winning ball and feeding it off to people and getting a couple of scores himself, his finish for the goal looked risky (taking it in his left) but it worked. Should do his confidence no harm at all.


You can see Boland, black and white helmet


Is that DCU they are training in?


Looks like DCU, they’ve been training between there, Abbotstown and PP.


Yeah it’s DCU alright


I heard they kicked the footballers off first …


Looks a good session, good speed & energy to it.

Crummy mentions 24 players have been with fitzgibbon, mental.


I watched the camogie version of this that was made last week I think. Looked like they were sharing their pitch with a soccer team



Great news that Cian hopefully he sees a few minutes of action on Sunday


Came into post lass like Boland need to see game time now. They wont come in at championship time and fky it…winters Ryan Treacy Schutte all need matches




See it will require a bit of luck to get a home draw


Yeah weve 3 home 2 away

Surely if we draw Clare it has to be at home, weve played in Ennis countless times in a row

Last time we played Tipp it was in Dublin so probably will be in Thurles not too sure though


IIRC Mattie said after the Galway game that Winters was back training with them yeah.



Probably starting with our back six if a corner back is injured,we are lacking a small bit of depth there as of yet but in a few years when these lads get older we’ll be okay

Good to see Ryan in from the start,strange about O Rourke though he deserves another shot

Hopefully Malone and McBride work well together in the middle of the park


That’s a reasonably strong team. We don’t really know our main starting forwards- but that could be four or five of them.


Substitutes list?