2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm


The older Currie is fitzgibbon and the younger is a fresher on a team with Mulllen from Kilkenny and Gannnon so its a strong set up

Great to see DCU strong with a lot of Dubs playing,bit annoying for the first few league games which is a downside,same with other Dublin colleges too


Huge depth of talent in DCU, Rory O Connor,Damien Reck on the bench just a few examples


Agree yea, serious depth there. Might have a better chance next year…


Fitzgibbon semi final is the 12th with the final being on the 23rd,in the middle theres the Galway game so its going to be hard to prepare for Galway if a Dublin college goes all the way



I just see from this that they played Ballyhale last Sunday, so the day after the Carlow game. I assume a mainly different 15.

Interesting views from Kenny on Rushe. Some of us here differed a bit, some thought he did well, others less so. But it was a step up from the Carlow game. He probably got four balls to hand and linked up nicely with the forwards. But based on Kenny’s comments it looks like he will get more shots at it anyway.


Were there any highlights of this game shown anywhere? I didn’t catch any. Sunday game and highlights on TG4 last night didn’t seem to have any.


radio was saying there was about 1000 there but almost everyone was in the stand so it was hard to figure out, haven’t seen any footage. Offaly have a small cohort of experienced lads training away in the background because of injury so they really havent got their best team out - the laois match is the one they are targeting - in effect they think they will be also playing laois in the playoff at the end as well.

listening to sunday sport on the way home there was chatter about how offaly dont have their best players and the CB are failing - thats not 100% correct. They simply dont want to play for a team that they dont see winning leinster (yes, i know) or an all ireland, so why bother. More interested in county medal and maybe more with the clubs. That’s a rotten, arrogant culture and its very hard to counter, expect by by-passing that generation and going to less cynical younger players, which is what they are doing.


Wanting to play for your club and not your county is ok. Your not contracted to play county. Your club is where you start. A more rotten and arrogant attitude is to ignore, delay and disrupt the club scene for the counties benefit. Club is the heart of our association, so we are led to believe. Within offaly, years of neglect has caused offaly to be where they are now. Not paid expenses on time , winter training gear arriving late, not allowed to train in oconnor park, been locked out from training…stories are endless.


this isnt a club v county thing.

if the county was in line to win a leinster these guys would be interested. it is really because they’re not that they aren’t. Now maybe that creates a catch 22/chicken and egg situation.

but the whole idea now is that a line has been drawn under that. none of that applies now and they have a high standard training facility where the pitch is much better than tullamore or birr.


You can’t break out of that cycle though, if guys aren’t playing county they aren’t going to be good enough to play county. Very few, if anyone, can develop into a decent county player without access to all the training and facilities that counties have. You can take a year or two off and get back to it with four or five months training - but I don’t think you can come from outside it and go straight into playing county hurling without a long spell of being inside a county camp.


I think it’s still a bit short sighted saying I’m not going to play for my County unless I’m in contention to win a Leinster or AI.


the facilities are there http://faithfulfields.com/


They also have an excellent ground in OCP. Some of the criticism down Offaly way is that in developing the ground and centre of excellence that they took their eye off the ball coaching and on-field wise.


i’m sorry but that is bollocks.

you cannot compete at IC level (if your aim is to swin provincial and all ireland titles) by relying on the hurling wall and the great sod in Birr.

there has been a backlash against the bringing in of modern coaching - nothing more - by the “sure we all had bacon and cabbage a a few pints before the game and it never harmed us” brigade. The S&C guy there is ex-Dublin GAA and I’ve actually seen the programme, its second to none.


Yes, OCP was a disaster and a real Celtic Tiger hubris operation - but anyone who goes there will tell you its a great ground.

again, all of that is in the past, but it is being used as a stick to do nothing right now.


Jaysus relax - I’m only relaying what has been said to me and it has been said a few times in the last 5/6 years. And it was said by a few people on the ground there who may know their onions - or not. I am not saying it’s right or wrong - I actually have no real knowledge and therefore no opinion whatsoever*

  • most unlike me


i wasnt aiming the bullshit comment at you - it probably looks that way.

whats going on there is politics, really is. well, the facilities and the will is there, lets see what goes on in the next 24 months.


Yeah the facilities are superb. And off the pitch seems to be improving there too so hopefully things can turn a bit.


Looking at Carlow at the weekend it should be a wake up call,if they can do it so should Offaly,lovely ground in Tullamore and a strong tradition of hurling,but some of the things mentioned above sound like disasters in the county board which needs to be sorted,hopefully it will


Rushe was improved against Offaly,had more possession in his hands but I thought their full back had the measure of him,we were getting low ball into him but not too much in the air

There was one play i remember where i think it was David Treacy had the ball on the stand side,perfect opportunity for a point but instead hit a low ball in to Rushe,shouldve gone for it himself


The problems in offaly run very deep. A lot of players still have issues with the county board who have been around a long time. Ive seen it first hand from u 1 3 up.