2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm


What age is O Rourke now?


I’d guess about 24/25?


O Rourke done well yesterday,wouldn’t be the first name on the list or even the subs but if he can continue that form against stronger teams if given the chance then he could have a use even though it is harder against the likes of Galway and Waterford


The manager should always select players on current form. As such Oisin O Rourke has to be named on team for Galway game!


I would agree with giving him a run against Galway


Think Galway will have very strong team out in two weeks. They obviously underestimated Carlow, but, they know we’ll bring a strong team, and will be more of a challenge.


We scored 2 - 16 from play yesterday, which is a great shooting, no matter who the opponent. There were at least 3 frees that were missed yesterday also, its the one area that needs to be fixed asap. Come championship we cannot afford to leave behind these scores, Paul Ryan is the obvious one, but nobody seems to know his situation.


Please forgive me but look at the score Waterford racked up recently. The opponent matters. If we want to be beating Kilkenny in the championship, we should be hitting 5. 26 against Offaly.


Will you go in and explain that to the players. I think they are deliberately not hitting big scores so they can be mentioned on here.


Thanks for validating my point, Waterford hit 2-18 from play against the same Offaly side that we scored 2-16 from play…


The opposition matters of course! But that might only be half the story. Take into account the referee on the day. Did they give a side soft frees? Or did he fail to give some frees in scorable positions? Weather conditions may also have a bearing from game to game! What type of side was being fielded on a particular day! Fielding a strong side/experimental side would have a bearing on the type of score that may be chalked up! But all things been even then fair enough they probably should be clocking up similar types of scores v “inferior” opponents! We really won’t be able to truly judge where we are at until we have played all our championship games where it would be assumed all sides would be fielding their best team!


Whats the college schedule like over the next 2 weeks? Will we be going into Galway game fresh?


Think there’s one round of colleges this Thursday. That’s it before Galway game. According to HoganStand fixture list anyway!


I assume management know his situation, but I would think it is an injury or the late start sometime afforded older players.

But I agree on the frees, we can’t leave any scorable ones behind us. But at the moment I would pick Ryan anyway regardless of frees, he gets scores regardless, especially goals.

But it seems we are going with a two man full forward line, and maybe four in the half forwards. That seemed the set up yesterday anyway. That wouldn’t be ideal for Ryan.

We haven’t seen Schutte yet either…


He has a wicked shot on goal for a small guy. But I think he needs more pace to make up for lack of size. But there could be a time and a place for him, he is doing well.

I think we have loads of good options for 1 to 9. From there on we have Sutcliffe, probably Burke (if he can keep this form he’s a game changer), probably Dillon (who needs to do better then yesterday), and probably Keaney. That leaves two more spots up for grabs. There are probably six players at least that could claim them, Hedgo being favorite now for one spot. But for me, if that is the case, it leaves us a little short of X factor type hurlers in the forwards (and pace). I am not sure what’s happening with Currie, but he could really shake it up.


Have to start somewhere. It’s going to take time.

A manager is essentially starting again. We will be better on a dry sod. We’ve got to go with forwards who can score and see where it takes us. We’ve spent a lot of years going the other way and it hasn’t worked.

Patience is required.


Not sure either Currie is in the panel anymore Wifi. They may well be with 21s.


Does seem they are not involved right enough. The older one is out with UCD, so he is not injured. There is a small group of younger players we either haven’t seen at all this year, or seen very little of.


C.currie is with DCU I think, struggling to get games, such is the strength of their panel.


Yep, you are right, DCU, not UCD. I wouldn’t worry about not getting game time there though, an All Star would struggle to make that team.