2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm


Hopefully yous will be at the top table again if your county board sorts this mess out,hard luck today and hopefully we will meet again in the leinster championship next year or even in the preliminary quarter finals this year


Tough times for Offaly supporters alright, especially when there’s nothing to get excited about at underage really either. county board making any steps to improve things?


I agree with nearly all the comments above. That was a decent performance, not spectacular, but decent. The second goal was a thing of beauty though, a fabulous move down the field, a lesser team would have had a miscontrol in there somewhere.

Burke in space is lethal. He had a wide in the second half and I was amazed as I already had the score chalked down in my head when he got the ball. Without the space, I’m still not sure, but he is quality.

Dillon was a wee bit disappointing. He is turning too sharp for the wet ground, he just falls down and loses the ball.But the team need to feed him balls he can win too, not just be hitting and hoping. But Dillon will be fine as the season goes on.

Hedgo as mentioned above, made a big difference. He has it, he just needs to believe it all the time.

Sutcliffe could be the best hurler in the country. What he does primarily is win difficult ball and move it on to our advantage. So he might not score a lot, but he is the player that wins games.

Backs were between decent and good. No one was poor. O Donnell is complete class.


No there was a hurling commitee put together a number of years ago including liam hogan who you might know from ballyboden.

The comittee stepped down after none of their recommendations were acted upon. Really really depressing.

Dublin moving right, still think another 3-4 years before an AI final appearance arrives but ive no doubt its on the way


Hate to read about Offalys demise and hope it turns soon. Loved watching them from the mid 80s on. Lovely style of hurling. Game is a worse off place without them.

As for our own lads 2 from 2 cant ask for more. Carlow proved me right today. I was very impressed with them last week. I think some were deflated by the fact ee fidnt best them handy. Todays result shows were theyre at


Think hedgo is a torment for any team to deal with and a great hand but wouldnt leave him on frees.Thought treacy done a good job on them first half


Very good open and honest post @UibhFhaile. We played ye in Celtic Challenge in Birr last year, some really good Hurlers at 16/17 years. Think the Co Board need to look at themselves, was talking to some of the managers couple of weeks after we played. They could’ve fielded another 3 teams in Celtic Challenge,but struggled to get Managers and backing from Co Board. Real shame as they said they’ve serious underage talent there, but no drive for development from County.
Sounds like too many living on past glories (no disrespect intended).


I agree, he isn’t a free taker. O Rourke should have hit them after Treacy went off. But Hedgo very impressive from play.

So was O Rourke actually. Obviously the size thing is a concern, but maybe he has a part to play. He has a lethal shot at goal for a wee guy.


Good win, thought Daragh O’Connell was excellent and the full back line was very solid too. Fergal Whitely also added something when introduced, missing Paul Ryan in the forwards. Midfield is a concern though, maybe McGibb and McBride, on today’s performance I’d have O’Connell in front of Barrett.


Dillon did ok when he came on. The ball tends to get in behind him too often and it suits the back who just turns and sweeps up. The missed goal at the end was criminal. He did well to turn his man and get into space but from that distance it must always hit the net.

Was Sean Tracey injured? He didn’t really get on much ball today.

Not much to add to the above comments. We will really only get a good feel for where we stand when we tackle the bigger teams. Wins over Carlos and Offaly are all good and well bit they are both below us in the grand scheme of things.


I was near that, and right in-line with it, the angle just wasn’t there for the shot. From another angle it probably looked like it was on, but I don’t think it was. But Dillon will always go for it.


Rushe appeared to have a problem with his knee before going off!


The puck out strategy was good today (albeit against a weak enough team). Very good movement in the half forward line meant guys were getting onto ball in a bit of space. Burke picked up a few puckouts like that.


Not a good sign, looked like he was struggling

Was thinking today that Moran takes too much out of the ball,sometimes it works but for the amount of possession he gets the delivery sometimes isnt great even though it requires forwards to do their part


Any word on Rushey’s kneee? Didn’t like the sound of it from my reporter at the game! :joy:


I thought it was a knock rather then strain or twist, otherwise (I think) they wouldn’t have let him play on for so long.


Thanks… No idea why that emoji showed up! Maybe I’m getting jittery fingers watching the hurlers already!!!


Are TG4 showing the highlights of this game tonight ? Would love to see that backwards handpass from Danny I think it was,it was brilliant


OFFALY: E Cahill (0-3, frees); T Spain, N Houlihan, P Rigney; A Treacy, E Grogan, C Taylor; K Dunne (0-1), M Egan; D Egan (0-1), P Murphy (0-2), C Egan; C Gath (0-1), O Kelly (0-1), K Connolly (0-3).

Subs: A Flynn for Taylor (35 mins), L Langton for Egan (h/t), S Dolan for Gath (50), E Parlon for Murphy (60).

DUBLIN: A Nolan; C O’Callaghan, E O’Donnell, P Smyth; C Crummey, S Moran (0-1), S Barrett; S Treacy, D O’Connell; D Treacy (0-2), D Sutcliffe (0-1), R McBride; D Burke (0-6), L Rushe (0-1), O O’Rorke (2-3).

Subs: E Dillon for Rushe (26 mins), J Malone for S Treacy (27), F McGibb for Barrett (h/t), J Hetherton (0-3, two frees) for D Treacy (42), F Whitely (0-2) for McBride (57).



SCORERS - Dublin: O O’Rorke 2-3, D Burke 0-6, J Hetherton 0-3 (0-2f), D Treacy (0-1f), F Whitely 0-2 each, L Rushe, S Moran, D Sutcliffe 0-1 each. Offaly : K Connolly (0-3f), E Cahill (0-3f) 0-3 each, P Murphy 0-2, O Kelly, C Gath, D Egan, K Dunne 0-1 each.