2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm


Any big wind down there? I know can often be a big one at that ground.


Have we had the wind in 1st half?


Nothing really worth talking about. Fairly chilly🥶 though.


As above - no wind really


Maybe, but the man who replaced him doing far better.


Carlow only 4pts down to Galway 7pts plays 11pts.


1 10 to 8 points . Offaly on the up.


2 11 to 9 . Great Dublin goal. O Rourke scored.


2 11 to 10


2-18 to 0-12 now


Donal bourke excellant today. Lovely scores. But Dublin lack a maturity at the moment that will needed vs liam mccarthy teams.


2 19 to 12 FT


Makes for interesting game away to Galway in two weeks. Galway drew with Carlow 20pts a piece.


#CarlowRising again?


You know what they say about form and class :wink:


O Connell was very good second half. Hedgo is an absolute handful in the half forward line. Himself and sutcliffe in there will be a match for most HB lines. Scrappy enough affair but we were far superior I felt. Could have been a much bigger margin had we taken more of our point opportunities that fell short and went wide.


Just in from match. Bloody cold. Probably more Dub supporters than Offalians - they are in a bad way at the moment. Never any doubt about the result. Pitch heavy but not too bad. Minor breeze. Full back line is a good one - not many better. Half backs a bit patchy. Barrett fumbled a lot today and Moran is sometimes a bit loose and light. None of the 4-5 midfielders stood out - some nice touches from O Connell - his pace is great sometimes. McGibb okay in second half. Danny always looked like the most classy player on the pitch. Burke scored about 6 from play and set up the goal - one of his best games for us to date, but Offaly were so poor at the back at times!
Hetherton makes a bit of difference to our problematic half forward line, but he could be fitter. O Rourke has nice skills but not sure if he is strong enough? Dillon needs the top of the ground. Rushe is not a full forward - he is still our best CHB. Maybe if we do go for a sweeper it could be Moran with Rushe?
McBride showed some nice touches but not on the ball enough.
Overall, it was a dull game, like the weather. Not much spark in it - and the long delays for their keeper to take frees didn’t help - he was their top scorer!


Cant say im suprised with this result. One or two of the 15 that started hurled in the county final last year. I would doubt that the offaly team put out would beat our county champions.

Offaly hurling is in a downward spiral at intercounty level, the hurlers arent there, the setup isnt there, the will of the county board isnt there. Be prepared to see offaly down to 2A and not coming back up.

Its depressing but its a fact. We need to seriously look at whats happening in our county, there is just now improvement coming in either code at any level.

The weird thing is we compete extremely well in club championships we just really fall short when it comes to intercounty.

Dublin were full value today and i really expect something from Dublin soon, the simple weight of numbers and resourses will pay off and i would expect Dublin to stay at the top table for an awfully long time.

Really good time to be a dubs fan


Fair play for the post. That’s a pretty damning indictment from the top down. Looking from the outside in, it seems that while a county like Carlow have got both houses in order & are heading in the right direction, Offaly - a once-proud county in both codes - has fallen off a cliff. No jibe intended, just bewilderment really.


On the match today,good to get the win as always,could’ve been a little more clinical some bad wides and a missed penalty but overall happy enough with how today went

Burke was brilliant today,thats 3 games in a row if you include his DCU game that he has been excellent,hopefully he can continue it as hes a lovely hurler to watch

Oisin O Rourke was very good today very impressed with him,he won the penalty as well i think

Sutcliffe had some really nice touches as well,a real class hurler

Full back line were solid i thought,with O Donnell being the standout for me

As for the half back line there was a bit of a reluctance to catch the ball and instead brake it down,your man number 12 had a good hand and chris started to brake the ball

Whitely had a few nice touches when he came on as did Hedgo,thought Trollier was decent even though he didnt score,he had plenty of ball in his direction though