2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm


Crazy stuff. Same last week vs. Carlow. It’s not football



Dublin 1-5 to 3. Dillion coming in now, for rushe.


Trollier on for rushe


Malone on for Sean treacy. Neither sub for injury.


Burke is playing well by the sounds of it


Peno saved from moran


4 points from play by my count from Burke in first 30mins, will be interesting to hear how he’s going in general play from those that are there, but looks positive.


Dublin 1 -8 to 4. O Rourke with brillant touch and score from a dillion pass. Dillion making an impact


Burke seems to be back on form which is great news. Sounds like Oisin is going well. Very good underage and with the club.


Dublin 1-9 to 5


O Rourke and bourke very good.


Half time. 1 10 to 6.


Sounds a decent first half all things considered.


Pity Rushe got injured. He got 1 from play and set up 3 or 4 other scores. Seemed to be working today.


Pitch is tough going. Not sure who captain is but Danny is definitely playing and talking that role.


Great touches for a cold day. Rushe off injured, had a few nice touches before - but not a huge amount of them.

If Burke has the ball in space the umpire should just raise the flag and save him the hassle of shooting. He doesn’t miss.

Backs well on top too.


No, was not going well, jogged off and seemed unhappy. Maybe was hurt as he limped out of a tackle but he gave away two fouls in quick succession. Dillion was already togged out at that stage.


Workingish, missed balls he should have got too. But laid off some nice balls.

@Neo - he had been limping a good while, deffo injured.


He finished poorly as he got injured and stayed on for about 8 minutes afterwards. For the first 15 he was decent. I think some people have just made up their minds now and won’t be swayed no matter what he does.