2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm




Gray isn’t county standard.


Anytime Ive seen him hes been solid enough


Agree completely about Gray, young Luke Walsh who played against Laois in the Walsh Cup would be a better back up than Gray. No sign of Paul Ryan, anyone any inside info ?


Obviously both Gilroy and Kenny see something in Gray, in fairness, if Gray wasn’t up to standard he wouldn’t be there. I’ve seen him and he’s done well in half back position. He’s still young, so, training at this level will bring him on.
I don’t see why we expect players to come straight into a panel and be “Inter County Standard” It’s not all about hurling skills and ability, there’s a different mindset at Inter County level that players also need to get used to.
I doubt anyone on here involved in any team would just throw a player straight into the first team, there is an element of developing them first.
Unless you’re GC and throw 3 minors straight into Senior Team…


No, because if he is turned, he’s fucked.


Looking forward to the game, but conditions will play their part in the quality of performance, rain fairly consistent here in Tullamore.


What shapes the pitch in ?





You doing a bit of commentary @LiamMac ???


4 changes, S Treacy, Sutcliffe O’Rorke and D Treacy in Malone, Whitely, Hetherton and Dillon out





Dublin going for goals, even if handy point on. 2 to 1 for Dublin.


Unless it’s Dublin City FM, nope…Courtesy of Mr Declan Drake.


Goal Dublin. O rourke very one sided. Turned back into man to hit on his strong side.


Dublin playing with 2 forwards inside 65, when defending Offaly attacks. 13 men behind the ball.


Dublin 1-4 to offaly 3 points