2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm


You would expect a natural reaction from Offaly,looking at this from their perspective out of the top 3 teams in 1B we are probably the weakest so maybe they have this game marked down
Still expect us to win,excluding round 1 of the league of last year weve beaten them quite easy in championship and in the Walsh cup


Have to roll with the punches . Can’t flog lads just to prove a point.

I’d take any sort of a win. Offaly will react ,are at home and are lads are running on empty.

We really need the senior lads to carry this one. I’m not really concerned about scorelines when we are still hurling in the mud. Any sort of a win will do.

We will get better as the sod dries out.


Paddy Smyth
James Madden

It’s 3 from those 4 for me. Wouldn’t have Barrett ahead of any of them in the FB line. It’s FF or bust for Rushe I reckon


Are we a bit light there if someone gets injured
Gray and Gannon can play there,theyre a bit young yet but Gray is the older of the two and I was impressed with him a couple of weeks back,think it was the Laois game


Bill O’Carroll did nothing wrong last year, but doesn’t seem to be in the mix at all this year


Was gonna say to Lucan Dub above. They’re the 4 imo if fit that I’d say are fighting for 3 spots. Good young lads Gannon and Grey, adds significantly to course depth. And O Carroll did little wrong last year. He’s surely still in the mix although as you say we haven’t seen much of him yet.


Assuming he has a knock.

Is Cian O’Sullivan on the panel this year?


Bill had an op and no Cian is not from what I know. Some younger players let go last week also.


That Offaly team named is very very weak. They are in serious trouble.



Very little change from the Carlow game,just Cian O Callaghan.
Bit disappointed thought a few more lads would get a chance,but we are a bit low in numbers with the fitzgibbon

Wouldve rested crummey and wouldve been a good opportunity to put Rushe back in the backs
Thought there was a little more room for experimentation as this team doesnt show a lot of that,as most of those either started in championship last year or could start this summer


10 clubs represented is great going and co champs have 0


Yep, I thought Gray had an excellent game that day. Solid at u21 last year too.


Yea! But that team might not start. Agree about this being a good time to try Rushe in half back line in place of Crummy whom I felt had an average enough game last week! Let’s face it we know Chris will produce the goods once the ground hardens up!


Agree with Chris we know what he brings he is playing fitzgibbon as well would be no harm giving him a rest


Burke named to start too, and he didn’t the last day. I agree re Crummy though, he is doing a fierce amount of hurling in a demanding position.

I am not that fussed about experimenting to be honest, they looked at a heap of players last year. There are a few players I would like to see given a go, but only three or four really, and that can be done during games.

Sutcliffe and Keaney are going to take up two spots in that forward line, Dillon and probably Burke will be there too, so in a way everyone else there is an experimentation. I would think five or six of that team potentially won’t start the championship, so there are guys there with a case to prove.

Even though I am not mad on the Rushe thing at all at FF, I do like the way he is persevering with it. If it doesn’t work, he will know it was given every chance. The chances do have to be running out though.


It’s very rare the named team doesn’t start with Kenny though. There has been an occasional change of one guy at the most and that usually seems to be an injury thing. I’m not overly hung up on managers changing named teams before the throw in, but I do like the way Kenny is doing it.


I know that there will be only one half forward spot left and the backs look fairly nailed on even though things can change but you have to start giving minutes to lads that can make an impact off the bench,keaney went off against kilkenny last year and it was part of our losing of the game similarly with Wexford and Galway,2 tight games going down to the wire

A solid bench would help that


Solid bench is the key alright! All good successful teams have that advantage over the run of the mill teams. Be it in hurling or football!


There is 4/5 changes to that starting team tomorrow.