2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm


Is Rushe worth another go in the backs, I mean no disrespect to Offaly but its not a test of his abilities at full forward,the real tests in the league anyway are Galway and Waterford.
If it works against Offaly in February it doesn’t mean it will work in May against Kilkenny even though it did last year


But where should Rushe go? If he wasn’t Rushe with the history of achievement that he has, I am sure the full forward thing would have been abandoned before this, it’s not even close to working at the moment. There is a point in everything where a call has to be made on if it has potential or not and no two people will see that the same way. But for me, it has reached the point where it can be said it doesn’t work.

The one caveat is that just maybe it would work better on better ground. A guy with mobility issues is going to be overly effected by wet ground, so maybe the summer would be better. But I would see it as a case of him being introduced at FF on certain days against certain defenders, not as an automatic thing. When you have a guy in a main position for 45 min and he does not get the ball in his hands once, like last week, it is a clear indication I think.

For him, and for the team I think he needs a chance to prove his case further out the field. In a way it is sort of similar to Carton a couple of years ago. Cunningham took a very good half back and told him he was either going to make it as a full back or not be on the team - without giving him a chance to make his case for his main position. Now it is early days with Kenny and I am not saying tha will be the case here, but I think he needs to be mindful of the parallels.


Would be no harm throwing him in the half back once or twice over the league,thats where a bit of experimenting can be done as theres a little more lee way
Moran has played every game bar one since the start of the walsh cup so may be in need of a little time off but im not too sure


Rest Crummey on Sunday, Play Moran at 7 and put Rushe at 6. We need options there if Moran or Crummey got injured.


Rushe being marked the worst Kilkenny full back in living memory aside, when was the last time he had a good game ?


Think the Rushe at full forward experiment has to deliver as its in its last legs

Would it be worth putting Hedgo in there and was able to run from deep to get on puck outs if Nolan hit them long ?


For me only place Rushe gets in the backs is at 3 flanked by Cian and Eoghan


Good call imho. Can’t be doing Liam’s confidence any good currently.


Its a big ask for someone to change positions like the way Rushe has,it clearly doesnt work enough to be used.

Weve got a quality half back with Rushe and hes not being used effectively, i understand that its arguably our strongest line he has to compete with but surely there is a position there for him,would barrett do a job in the full back line ?


Barretts much more suited too wing back imo, too loose when hes in the corner.


Its a shame that its hard to fit them all in but competition for places can be no harm


He is a very unusual player, I have never seen anyone like him. Very effective at times, and not at other times. He is a very unorthodox type of hurler, and this comes against him in tight spaces. Even in the air, he can be unbeatable, and then other times guys can get to grips with him. But I do think unless he is operating in a bit of space, and is coming onto the ball rather then having to turn with it, its not going to work for him. Sure, once every few games his strength will result in a goal in the forwards, but its not enough.

Either midfield or half back, or unfortunately nowhere, are the options for me. But I think they need to find a position rather then just trying to make full forward work.


I think the way midfield is gone now he would be even more exposed and would be ran ragged as he can’t turn and missing that explosive pace. It would be similar to Adian O’Shea playing midfield against Fento.

I think it’s wing back for him or playing at 6 with us playing a sweeper.


Dont think i would put him midfield the likes of daragh fitzgibbon.tony kelly,jamie barron etc would run rings around him with their athleticism

I do still think he has a lot to offer,hopefully we see him in the backs during the league


Jaysus lads good times when were trying to fit a 2 time all star into our team!

Keaney Rushe Sutcliffe
Dillon Hedgo Burke

Does that do it for yiz?? Ball winning half foward line tgat would chil in with scores


It could well be that.


There are lads I would be really interested to see how they are going though, the likes of Cian O Sullivan, Hayes, Conor Burke, Curry and also two lads who I don’t think are on the panel in Paul Crummy and Eoghan Conroy. He can’t try everyone, and I am glad he isn’t. But there are other forward options that need a look.


I’d be a little concerned with Rushe playing at full back as someone suggested! A decent full forward would just drag him out of position and create a huge hole in our defensive structure. At least if it happened at half back line there would be some chance of plugging the gap!


If they are trying him at full forward, it means they don’t want him in the backs. Looking like if he doesn’t get going at FF he’ll be a sub. unless lads get injured.


Offaly have bergin and Dooley back for Sunday . A bit more fire power than vs Waterford