2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm


I noticed that too, looked like it was a definite instruction to play Rushe. Mind you against Carlow every ball he was fed was only 50/50 at best.

There were a few balls out to the side I thought he should have got his hands on, but he didn’t. But then again, no full forward wins everything.

But if he has to adjust his run he won’t get there. So if he starts left and the ball goes right, he is in trouble. Also if the ball bobbles to the point where he has move his feet, it probably won’t work out. But give him a ball where he can run straight onto it and he will probably get it more then most.

They seemed to play a two man full forward line and a four man half forward line I thought (is that how you saw it?) It seems good, it gives the advantage of a two man full forward line, without the opposition being able to cover it with a sweeper. Burke could do well as the floating corner forward.


If they persist with 2 man full forward line then on evidence so far it will be Burke and Dillon. On a separate issue. Thought Darragh O Connell got on plenty of ball in 2nd half when he moved back into half back line!


Better supply of ball more space and better conditions even though they were still not ideal all probably led to Rushe having an improved on Sunday,pity about him going off injured hopefully its not too serious

I think we did go for a 2 man FF line but can vaguely remember,may have been some parts where there were 2 and sometimes 3,Burke seemed to drift out anyways and thats where he picked up a lot of his scores,where as O Rourke got a lot of his scores nearer to the goal and Trollier was the target in the inside when Rushe went off so I suppose your right @Wifi


What about Schutte though? If he is hurling well he will surely get a shot.

To be honest, I switched ends with the forwards at half time, so didn’t see the backs that closely. I thought the forwards needed my assistance more then the backs :grinning:.


Forwards did well on Sunday! Backs are solid most days! So guess where your sitting when we travel to Salthill? I’ll give you a hint. It’s between the two 65’s. :grinning: I reckon midfield is the big puzzle for Dublin right now! Backs and forwards are well covered. Just a matter of finding the right balance!


With regards Schuttee. I take it you mean Mark? Though would be great to have a fit Paul available in defence!


I think Boland and McBride will be ok for midfield. Maybe Boland and O Connell. If Boland not fit though, I would worry right enough.

I still think we are missing a bit of craft in the forwards. Dillon is good, but predictable. He looks to take every ball around the man on the outside, and he is shaping up for that even before he picks it up. If he can’t get around, he will try to get a shot off. He needs to come inside sometimes.

Burke is flying, but maybe needs more pace. Keaney is 36, it’s hard to know how he will go.

If we have forwards of Sutcliffe, Keaney, Hedgo, Burke, Rushe and probably Ryan (and I think that’s the most likely at the moment, we lack a bit of nuance and skill.

I think there is a good team in there, but I would love to find a real classy forward.


Mark Schutte walks into our team if fit. Shaping up to be a really decent team come summer. Midfield would worry me a bit id probably put Moran in there…he plays intelligently and rads a game well. Id put Rushe back at centre back…wed be pretty solid in the air with him back there too. Moran is more versatile than Rushe i think.


Moran is a beautiful hurler, the most stylish we have I think. He could well work at midfield. Once they sort out the Rushe conondrum a lot becomes clear I guess. He must set the place on fire at FF in in-house games, this is the third manger in a row who wants him there, yet he has probably only played one good game there.

But I do get it, if it could be made to work, it’s a game changer. He is a very unique type of athlete.


For there to be any chance of Rushe moving back into defence he needs to start there in either one of our next 2 games. Honestly can’t see that happening though! No point suddenly deciding to do it in the heat of championship!


Moran is a nice hurler but does he carry the ball a little too much? A quick fast ball into the forwards put the back at more of a disadvantage than a slow ball which gives them time to adjust and intercept


I thought last week the forward runs were a little over eager. They were running before the guy had a chance to play the ball, so they had to try to make a second run when he was set to play it. That might have been the issue with Moran, he couldn’t see anyone to hit when he was in space. I did notice him carry the ball a bit, but I didn’t really see his options other then a 50/50 ball forward.

Dillon especially would make a run forward very early, then find himself on the 40m line with nowhere really to make a second run to and the back coming out has to play it short or carry it. Dillon especially only needs to leave space, he can run after the ball is hit and he will probably win the race.

Even for puckouts, forwards were running before Nolan was clearly ready to puck it. Some puckouts worked great, but some didn’t, just because of mistiming.

I think if Moran has an option he will hit it (well I say that because I never really noticed him as someone who over carries before).


Am i correct in saying Moran doesn’t have a huge number of games at this level? This will be his first league as a regular starter?


He played all last year in championship.


I know yea, but not huge experience. Should improve the more he plays.


Actually ,think he only came in under Gilroy ,so,yes. I have to say ,he’d be my first name in at 6.


I agree and i think by this summer after a full league behind him (hopefully) think he’ll really be flying, especially as lads get used to the system they’re being asked to play.

Interesting to hear people complaining about us pulling players back, i’d say they’re trying to get the system ingraned now, before we meet the bigger guns.

They highlighted on RTÉ on sunday that’s what limerick do very effectively, to break up attacks and then attack by playing the ball through the lines quickly. Cuala played a similar style at times.


Moran played 2017 championship


Yea, but again it was only a handful of games and he had no league behind him.


Less than 10 champioanship & league starts at county level? My point being, yes he has some, but you’d think he had a lot more.