2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


Madden was named in one or two team lists during Walsh cup but didn’t actually start!


Re tickets is it 15 if you buy the day before and 20 on the day?


yes 20 at the gate 15 if buying todsy


Is Bill o Carroll injured. Haven’t seen him feature recently.


He was out in Walsh Cup.


It’s a question of when he wants the team at it’s best too. Some teams ran out of gas in the championship last year and others got better as it went on.

He needs to manage the Fitzgibbon players with a view to the championship in my view. Time enough to get the best team on the pitch for the last couple of games and the NHL quarter final .

Dublin just need to concentrate on beating Wexford in the championship to make the last 8. Galway are beyond us and Kilkenny are probably a little further down the road too.


Is it time though, with a few games left? I’m not sure it is. I think for a mature team it’s ok, but this is a newish team


It’s a very strong side for January. Danny to come back in. McGibb too possibly. Keaney if/when fit and able. I’d have Ryan all day but looks like Mattie has other ideas. Backs very good. Delighted to see Madden get a start, assuming he actually does! Was class in the SHC.

Really like the Malone O Connell McBride combo there. All can slot in and out anywhere through the middle third. Half back line needs no intro either. I see good things ahead, which is rare for me.


Cian O’Callaghan also to come back in…


Cian o callaghan sutcliffe boland keaney and schutte all bale to come into that team which can only be good


Sounds mad I know, but my preferred full back line is as listed. Nothing against Cian, class act and never puts a foot wrong. But for me, and unless EOD is gonna play out the field, I’d start Smyth and Madden.


Can anyone answer this question? Was there OAP concessions last year for the league if so have they been done away with?


And do what with Cian. Consider that hes been regarded by many as one the best ull backs in the game. Rarely if ever bettered by an opponent


I know I am wrong, but I don’t really get him as a full back to be honest. I rarely if ever see him win clean ball and clear it. Mind you, I rarely if ever see whoever he is marking win clean ball either.


With the exception of O Callaghan that could be the team minus the half forward line.


Ive never seen him bettered at full back. Complete class act …deceptively fast and strong. We never had a full back for years and now we are spoilt for choice at full back. He is a specialist full back, o donnell can play in a number of positions.


I dont understand people not getting Cian. Hes never gonna stand out skill wise like JJ but by jaysus id hate to be marked by him and he does the simple but right thing with the ball all the time

First name on my team all day


As far as I know there was a concession as in cheaper than Adult. Today its 15 euro so they’re prob saying its cheaper than a full price adult


That’s pretty deplorable. My dad is sure he paid ten and got five back last year. That’s a 200 per cent rise in price.


I don’t get it either. I think they are traditionalists who think a full-back should be a big tall unit. O’Donnell got roasted at full-back by Callanan in that bloodbath in Thurles a few years ago. He man-marked Reid very well though last year. He is more versatile so I would use him further out the field.