2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


The GAA’s own qualifications would suffice I would imagine. All mentors must complete those courses now depending on the level they’re coaching at. It’s mandatory. Be interesting to see how many have.


Yeah but Davy and others have them too I’d imagine. Couldn’t see any litigation out of this kind of thing. If you’re not happy you can (and maybe should) opt out.


McBride starts instead of McGibb for DCU today. I wonder if that means McGibb starts for Dublin on Saturday and McBride doesn’t?


Thought the same thing when i saw the change.


Crummey whitely played full games as did Burke,I think was hard to keep up with the subs as there were 38 on the panel

O donnell and smyth came off with smyth performing well as did Burke

Crazy having these lads play in 2 days time needs to be looked into


I thought not having a club team still in the club championship would be a major bonus. But this clash with the Fitzgibbon is worse, there are way more players involved. The league will have a lot less meaning because of it.


Its crazy,wouldnt envy mattie picking a team for Saturday with the amount of lads playing Fitzgibbon


There is no pressure on promotion from 1b this year. No player should be under pressure to play for both teams in the coming weeks . Dublin can’t fail not to make the quarter finals really barring a disaster.

The GAA at some point will have to recognise nobody past 25 will be playing inter county football and hurling due to volume of training and games unless they do something about it.


Are tickets available in SuperValu for this. Tickets.ie no longer selling them since yesterday.


Yeah they should be. Often get them in my local Centra the day before games.
Say they just stop selling them early on website as they wouldn’t get them posted out in time.


Who posts anything out anymore? Print at home? I suspect the failure to invest in ticket scanners answers that question. Hard to believe they can raise the prices but force you to actually go out and buy tickets rather than print at home.

Occasionally the GAA can look very shoddy in the way it does business.


Agree. Think only games at Croke Park, thurles and Cork (could be more) tend to have scanners for all tickets (not just season tickets).


Christ Alan - it’s Friday. Do you ever take a day off? :weary:


I think the Clare county board refused to pay for his hip operation due to him not paying insurance.


Do you?


True, but it would be nice to see a team building over the league. Now it will be like last year and we possibly won’t see the championship 15 together until the championship.


going to be very disruptive start to the league, which is a shame but a lot of players getting decent game time will help them develop. Anyone playing last night won’t play more then a half on sunday you’d expect?


Play Sigerson/Fitzgibbon in January instead of O’Byrne ,McKenna etc cups. Not a fan of GAA cramming in National Leagues either. 7 games in 9 weeks especially when weather is at its worse. You have likes of Division 4 teams played 7 games by end of March and just 2 games championship in the summer.


I think he’d still use the league to try out lads even if he had a full squad. Last two AI champions came from 1B, all the positives stacked in our favour. :grin:


Sounded like the DCU managers yesterday were asking eachother whether or not they were allowed to keep Crummey on the pitch with the game on Saturday.With the bench DCU had maybe lads with Saturday night games should have been prioritized a little more.Think Whitely played a full game and Burke the same I think

Paddy Smyth and O Donnell got a half so that was understandable,McBride replaced McGibb and was on plenty of ball as well
Wonder how many of them will play from those games yesterday,maybe just the lads taken off at half time yesterday?