2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


Without sounding condesending towards our hurlers the best counties have multiple forwards who can do that and its good we seem to be finding one or to more. It means that instead of wasting time to turn or settle your feet you can shoot on site…with less of a chance of being blocked.


Very interesting stats. My worry would be that a lot of the ones we are up at the top of are based on tackling and work rate. I haven’t really seen that yet this year at the same level.

Last year we were brilliant when we had it and very poor when we didn’t - and often it was in the same game. But as you say, if we maintain that and improve on it, we will be better. I think we have more scope for improvement then the other teams in Leinster. We have big players that weren’t available last year.


Dotsy could win his own ball. Kilkenny do not pick nice, light lads who expect Walter to feed them. The day of passengers has long gone. Richie Hogan is 5’7 and he’d kill you for a ball. We need six lads who can win their own ball, beat their own man, and score. Plus subs who can do that too.


I would love he to make it but have seen about 2 x 20 minute adult cameos to date to suggest he should be on panel… hopefully he can get an injury free run to establish himself if good enough


Definitely think Boland has a lot to offer, hopefully he stays injury free, he’s a great attitude, very strong at winning dirty ball.


Boland has got what it takes i believe,hard for any player to come back after injuries like his,anytime ive seen him ive been impressed


Always said rushe is no forward.but wouldnt mind seeing him centre back for kk flanked by padraig and ciallian.think cody would take him.


Rushe at 6 with Moran behind him is something I would like to see during the league,it leaves a 2 man inside full forward line but Burke and Trollier done well there on Saturday so its maybe worth another shot


Has the skill level for a forward we don’t see often. Even the goal finish last week - contrast that with Dillon and Mc Gibb efforts before him.
Far too much expected of him and other more experienced forwards around him don’t get the same scrutiny.


It’s a Na Fianna thing here … :wink:


Just wondering if this game sunday will be affected by the weather ?


I don’t agree to be honest. I think the only ones with too high expectations of him were the county managers. For me, he fulfilled or maybe surpassed the expectations I would have had of any light young lad put into senior county straight out of minor. But he shouldn’t have been there to have had any expectation on him. Last year was time enough for him to be getting a few league games with a view to him becoming more of a fixture this year, but as it is he is in his third year of being a regular.


A fancy sweeper you mean ?
Think that’s Morans best position to be honest, Cuala always played that way leaving him free. Think if has to mark someone at CF he struggles. I think you might get away playing that way at club level to win an all Ireland, but you won’t win one at county level with 7 defender’s.


I’d argue year one was a nothing year as the Cunningham era mirrored the Kelleher one

So really it was just last year

I think expectations are too high relative to his age and that he’s coming into a mid table team not a top class one.

For example I don’t see why Eamonn Dillon is a guaranteed shoe in as I don’t see the consistency in performance to warrant that. And he must be in his last 20’s now

Burke controlled a ball on his knees in this mud last week - surrounded by two players and still hit the sliotar over his shoulder from about 40 yards over the bar . I haven’t see anyone since Danny do that.

He’s worth sticking with - through the good and bad games.


Oh absolutely he is worth sticking with, he will be a mainstay of the team in the future. I am not sure though who has too high an expectation for him. If he is on the team for big games he needs to contribute, other then that I haven’t really seen anyone here anyway expect greatness from him yet. I do think he was put on the team when he was too young to properly contribute, but that was the manager expecting too much - not supporters.

Dillon just has it in my view. Yes, he has some quiet games, but not a huge amount of them. More often then not he causes chaos when he runs at defences. And he can get great points from out on the left wing.

Sure every so often he is going to meet a corner back who has his card marked. But that happens every corner forward from time to time. It’s gone a very specialist position. Probably the hardest one on the field to play. It’s no surprise they are usually the first ones taken off (even in some instances if the ball never went near them!).