2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


Let Danny, Keaney or Rushie win the ball, then feed it to Whitley, Mac Gibb running in…


You need 6-8 lads who are threats. Otherwise the opposition can easily counter your approach. Its an order of magnitude more difficult to counter 6-8 scorers that it is to keep 3-4 lads quiet.


For forward threat I think we have Sutcliffe, Ryan, Dillon, Keaney and Burke (if he can maintain what he did at the weekend) then there is a wide selection to pick the other one from. Its not earth shatteringly brilliant, but its decent and better then last year. Add Boland coming from midfield and its not bad.

If Burke can replicate that performance it would add a huge amount, it is the type of player we have been missing. Dotsy was maybe the last one who could score those over the shoulder points.


Definite foul on the ball for our last goal!


not highlighting you alone Wifi but where is all the confidence or absolute belief that Boland will man a midfield slot ??


In my case it comes from a) his pedigree at underage, b) his performances in the Walsh Cup before his injury and c) a bit of blind faith.

But a guy who was a three year minor and made the u21 team of the year is a decent bet.

Although it’s no sure thing, the Walsh Cup v Offaly isn’t the championship v Kilkenny I know.


Never got the hype about Boland personally felt he was picked for a minor team at 16 when there was better on the bench , that said I’ve not seen a lot at club level and injuries haven’t helped him since breaking into adult , as allways would love him to prove me wrong and become a feature of current team


@Wifi Did he not play midfield with Malone at u21 when we got to the AI semifinals?


@Wifi Here’s the stats pic I was talking about from Champo last year, some very good stats for Dubs, if we can tidy up a few of them and keep others at the same level, think we’ll do well this year. image000000_01


That’s why he is being selected by consecutive managers, even when really he’s still very young. convinced when he adds a bit of strength he’ll be a quality county player on the national stage.


God you have to miss Dotsy


Absolutely…blistering pace and quality touch. He regularly roasted top defenders. Havent produced that instinctive type of corner forward since. Hopefully Sean Currie continues to develop into that threat up there. On Burke hes only 20 hes huge potential can win his own ball…gets a strike off quickly either side and has a good brain. Think he could be very important come summer even though hes still young.


The striking thing is unreal. He can get a shot off and on target in practically no space. He just needs to be got on more ball. Saturday night was incredible actually, if he had the ball, he scored.


Was also impressed by Burke for DCU on Thursday,thats 2 games in a row so hopefully he gains confidence from it and can continue it


If I remember rightly he was struggling with injuries even then and I think the only full game he played was the semi. But you are right, he did spend time at midfield with Malone.

It’s actualy the previous year I think when he made the U21 team of the year, which was some achievement for a young U21.


Currie is an excellent talent,surprised he wasnt in the walsh cup panel,but maybe injured,definitely one for the future


Thing with Dotsy was he worried defenders , he had a low centre of gravity and won many a free from getting caught around the neck , he made it look easy was a joy to watch


Looking at young lads on squads over the last few years Currie a stand out performer, there was also a young lad with Isles called Beregin that I thought had a bit of X factor about him , problem being he’s 18 looks about 15 a lot of physical work would need before he’d be at inter county level , but his touch and will o the wisp movement is instinctive


He frightened the best teams and was rarely dispossed when out in front. He was one of few names all other counties were aware of when we werent going great, because of his ability. Should to be a decent u20 team this year.


Great to read the positivity about Donal Burke considering the type of thing that was written about him here not too long ago.