2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


We often struggle for intensity when we are favourites to win comfortably.


It’s our biggest problem.


That means we’re knackered for Sunday v Offaly! Just need to adjust the mind set!


There is a very good 15 there, I think we would all pick very close to the same 15 give or take a couple of players. But we need 20, and if they find 5 guys who can really bring something, we will be in a good place.

We still haven’t seen Hayes really this year, he is very decent. Conroy doesn’t seem to be involved, I would have liked to see him. David Treacy will be back, I think he only played half of one game in the Walsh Cup. And there are more. So there are still lots of possibilities to add to the 15 / 17 that we all sort of assume will be there or thereabouts.

At the moment I think the summer team is shaping up with last years backs, Boland and McBride maybe in the middle and Burke and Dillon and maybe Hedgo being added to last years forwards. There are a lot of good hurlers not included there.


Mark Schutte back to.

Real shame durkin retired would have been a great utility man to have there…

In general Ibthink were ok. Ocallaghan odonnell barrett Moran Crummey Bill OCarroll James Madden young Gannon in the backs. Malone McBride Boland OConnell Sean Treacy for midfield.Keaney Sutcliffe Dillon Rushe Hedgo Ryan Burke David Treacy Whitely Schutte in the forwards


I think Mattie needs to be brave and pick a team of summer hurlers. The league doesn’t really matter much this year. To score the above - we need to pick a team of hurlers that could build that sort of a score.

That means integrating the likes of donal burke even if he has the odd off day. Same with Hedgo maybe (maybe)… Cian Boland, Mc Bride and Whitely etc. No point in selecting for damage limitation.

Might have to take the odd bad result in the league to get a little further down the road.I’m not sire selecting the likes of Conal to start is the way forward. And it could be that liam rushe ends up as an impact sub.


No room for Mac Gibb?


Nothing wrong with those at all… I had forgotten about Schutte.

@LiamMac - not 100% sure on McGibb myself. Some days I think he is s cert other days I am less sure. He hadn’t a great night on Saturday, but I don’t that weather suited everyone.


Just forgot him if im honet and Hayes… McGibb I actually think will do a job on quicker ground and at this level as an inside forward…id have him in the squad alright

Sorry meant to reply that for Liammac


hayes is a good player but he doesnt seem to score much outside the frees.


Smyth is an absolute shoo-in for the full back line, imo.


Jaysus another one that just slipped the mind. Hes defo in there…not bad are we


As before, we have a decent set of backs. It’s from 8 to 15 that we lose games. Our backs only get caught when ball after ball comes straight back into them. 8 to 15 fought like dogs against Kilkenny last year. They need to do that all the time. If they hook, block, fight and make other teams give bad ball to their forwards, then we will be in the hunt. Yes we must score but our forwards have to win and keep ball in there, to do that.


Like the idea of the summer hurlers,thats where it all counts,the league with no promostion has lost a little value but to get to a semi final and have an extra competitive game under our belts may be no harm at all

Would love to see Boland and McBride get a run together during the league,could potentially lead to a partnership
This would assume Boland was injury free,if he has a niggle during the league he should not be risked at all

A good bit more depth this year compared to last year, ,Hedgo,Burke,Trollier,O Connell,Madden etc These lads could make the difference with some of them starting and some coming off the bench to make an impact

If you look at last year a solid bench couldve made a huge difference Kilkenny,Galway and Wexford games all went down to the wire


Winters also


Scored 2pts and had two goal saved!(still don’t know how keeper saved it).
Have to say he’s one of the highest work rates on the panel…


McGibb definitely has to be in strong contention,was impressive in a couple of the Waslh cup games,espeically against Carlow the first day out,had some very good moments in the championship last year aswell.His pace is a valuable asset aswell

Wouldnt judge too much off the other night,horrible night for hurling


I was surprised later to see what he scored, I didn’t realise that at the time. Definitely works hard, and I think that is missing a bit at the moment on the team.


your getting greedy now


He’s improving and his work rate and pace are a weapon but where do you play him? not a ball winning HF as such. Whitley has the same issue, good player, decent pace, can take a score, not the worst under a high ball but not dominant either. Hopefully, both will kick on this spring.