2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


I think Nolan’s puckouts are on instruction. I have seen him go long and seen him go very short before, so I think he is just doing what he is told.

But I wouldn’t be worried about him at all myself. He had loads of confidence and can deal with most situations. Our goals against record since the start of 2018 is really really good.


Lads and lassies - someone puts up a graphic of all the puckouts (in a non televised game) and it goes on remarked on! This is hurling nerd heaven - I can’t be the only one that appreciates it!


Not so sure Wifi. One of the coaches went into him just before half time for a chat, wasnt too many short ones after that discussion


So maybe the coach said Change of plan! Play then long instead! Nolan still playing under instruction though!


I have heard the line be very prescriptive on where to put puck outs in previous games, even down to telling him what player to give it to. Some of the ones yesterday fell down on the execution of the puck out, and the execution of the receiver too.

I heard a mentor run in at one stage and tell Hetherton to ‘carry the next one’, which is a bit of a blanket instruction. Not every situation suits that (plus he’s not the fastest), but just because I didn’t know the plan, doesn’t mean there isn’t one!

PS - Galway giving Laois the mother of hidings at half time I see.


I really don’t like that kind of attempt to control a game by mentors. Hurling is a game that needs players to act on instinct more than most.


Agree entirely. A keeper has to be allowed to survey the field and decide what’s working and what’s not in regards his puckouts. Management need to give that bit of flexibility as no two opposition teams are ever the same. A goalkeeper can be so influential to a game in that respect but needs to be trusted to do so. It’s part of their job.


Waterford beat Offaly 2-28 to 0-7.
Galway scored 1-27 in beating Laois.


2-28 Jesus wept.


And that’s without the Ballygunner lads


Id rate Carlow a bit above Laois and Offaly


Laois recovered a bit and only lost by 9 in the end. Mind you, none of it matters anyway given there is a restructure next year.


True. More just indicating what the top teams are scoring against the weaker ones.
We only broke the 20 points (excluding goals) mark once in the Walsh cup as well.
Need to be reaching that mark really to have a chance of beating the better teams later in the season.
Offaly are next. Really should be two wins on the board. Thry look a right mess at the moment. 27 point defeat today. Lost every Walsh cup game also.
Anything other then a very comfortable win next weekend will be a bit disappointing.


There’s more nerdy stuff at:



My life is complete :grinning:


Reckon we will be a lot more convincing against offaly next week,some serious problems there with them,hard to know whats going on at all

Wouldnt be too worried about some things last night,poor conditions lack of training together due to Fitzgibbon and tiredness due to that too


The Galway and Waterford matches are the ones that will tell us where we are at.

Saturday night was not encouraging though.


1st half on Saturday most definitely wasn’t encouraging! But 2nd half was a lot better! But realistically with the league effectively meaningless this year maybe or indeed probably most definitely the plan is to peak in the summer! So very difficult to be constructively critical with out knowing the actual training programme! It was mentioned above that we should be taking our points instead of looking for goals! At this early stage of the year I’m not so sure. If we keep trying to take goal chances eventually we will start putting them away! That will stand to us against the big guns! In them tight games chances are at a premium. One chance = 1 goal. Taking the easy option of taking a point effectively means you need to create 3 chances to achieve the same result! It’s entirely different if we find ourselves 3pts up in stoppage time. Then by all means go for the insurance point!


We will need to get more goals to beat the KK’s and Galways. Our points tally last year was on average 25 per game, and only 2nd to Limerick…
We should’ve had another 3-4 goals on Sat.
The positive for me is lads have bought into the “Go for goal mindset, if its on”, I think we’ll see our goal stats increase a lot this year.
I know it wasn’t the handiest of wins on Sat, but, what would management have learned if we blew Carlow out of the park?


I think the only things to be worried about in the first half are the things that are / were possibilities for the summer.

We were hugely hampered by effectively only having a one man full forward line. I don’t normally single out players who did badly, and I only do it in this case because the guy is very good elsewhere, but Rushe just didn’t happen at all on Saturday. Other then marking a defender, he served no function. That left Dillon as the only full forward, so we effectively played with a 14 man team with a one man full forward line. That affected everything.

The first half midfield was a disappointment. They were a potential summer midfield, but for me they didn’t bring the intensity needed. McBride showed how it should be done in the second half.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about the half forward line (starting), because that will contain Sutcliffe and Keaney come summer. Likewise I wouldn’t be overly worried about the backs, who weren’t great, as we know they can be better.

But midfield and Rushe were two disappointments. But that is part of the learning curve.

If I have a worry overall it is about intensity. We need to bring a lot more of it and for 70 minutes. Plans, systems etc don’t mean a lot if the other team has the ball.