2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


Fair enough but that doesn’t excuse missing pick ups and the ball going straight under his legs. Or the wide he hit in the second half after a great run when there was 2 men standing free in front of the goal. Trolliers wasn’t happy with him for that one.
Probably our best hurler over the last 2 years and first name on the team for me, but he had a mare this eve.


He was far from his best tonight but one of our most important players,rather him have a poor game tonight than in a more important game


If we lose poc outs in the way we did today against better opposition you can be sure goals will come.


Think people are forgetting that these lads virtually all playing firzgibbon so preparation is not ideal, Carlow might have the same issues but doesn’t lend itself to a top class game.

Delighted to hear Burke played so well, he can sling a point over in a manner not too many of our forwards can. Really hope he can kick on.

Worried about Rushe, doesn’t seem to be making an impact at 14. Glad to see Danny back also.

Carlow would give the BIFFOS a test?


Basic skills can go out the window when tired no?


Carlow are not a bad side at all,asides from tonight theyd gotten promoted to 1b,won the joe mcdonagh and are now in the leinster championsip,they wont win any games in it but its an achievement for a county like them to get there


Absolutely. But I don’t think to that extent.
Anyhow he is possibly our best player. A real leader.


By all accounts he was excellent the other night for DCU so i wouldn’t worry too much. More concerned with rushes lack of impact in the forwards.


Would agree with amigo’s summary. It wasn’t a night for defenders and big men found it particularly hard to turn. Best player on the field was Mouse Kavanagh… a couple of class points and 100% from placed balls when conditions were awful.
It was great to see Sutcliffe back and Donal Burke having a great impact. Keeper did well but some of the finishing when through on goal was very poor…Paul Ryan would have buried a couple and added at least 3 points from frees. His return (along with Cian O Callaghan) for me would be crucial - some of the wides in the first half were uncontested and should be gimmes.
There were tractor marks along the stand sideline amongst the puddles but even with the rain earlier, the pitch was as bad as seen in years, cutting up immediately around cones during warmups and really looked like an ice skating surface at times. It may need an expert eye as to why it flooded so quickly when other pitches are holding up better at present.
We may need to be a lot more clinical in Tullamore or at least take points when the chance arises. Hope to see Boland’s direct running available from the centre of the field again soon, O’Callaghan into the full back line when possible, start Danny and Donal Burke next day and get Paul Ryan playing from the bench at least …could even do a job roving from 14 to pick up supply from Hedgo. With all those back, we could compete without Keaney who may not be featuring in near future if at all…


Our return was no better than Carlows. Difference being when we lost our puck outs it was in a scorable position for Carlow. The Puck out is a huge part of the game but managers can try be too clever at times with them.


Yeh the 11 was brilliant to watch. Made it look effortless, dont think he missed a free either




It’s too early to be negative. The observations would be

  • the team is very tired from playing Fitzgibbon and county hurling. Crummy and Whitely looked knackered in particular.

-Conditions were very poor and Carlow were the bigger and more physical team. I’m not sure some of their bigger lads would survive in Croke Park in June

  • Donal Burke showed the talent he has. Need to persevere with him. He has that natural skill level most of our forwards previously don’t have. He’ll have good days and bad days as most 21 year olds do. But there is far too much expected of him. He hasn’t the players around him to carry the team on his own. Far different being a 21 year old stepping straight into the Kilkenny or Galway teams .

  • Forwards will improve with Danny and Paul Ryan. Hego could work out but have to see a lot of him against more stellar opposition. Trollier doesn’t produce consistency at times and one can see why he drove successive managers around the bend as he has the ability. When Mc Gibb doesn’t think too much he’s actually very effective.

-Not sure Sean Moran is the answer at 6. You either drop off or mark your man but he didn’t really do either and was caught in no man’s land too often. Mc Bride had a good second half and he’s clearly a midfielder.

Need to cut some slack here. These lads are training 4/5 nights a week and playing 2 matches a week. They’ll get better as the league progresses and the workload reduces .

But what’s the aim here? We aren’t good enough to win anything. People are saying that the performance against Kilkenny didn’t count for much last year. I thought it did personally.

I think we could make an NHL semi final and the all-ireland quarter final. Really our aim is to try to beat Wexford in the championship. After that its bonus time. It’s going to take at least another year.


Good point re Seán Moran. Was thinking the same myself. If we are going man on man at the back he needs to be tight on his man. Not sure if he would be the best option as a tight marking CB. But he reads the game very well. Depending how other teams set up, maybe himself and Crummy could interchange between 5 and 6.


can he play midfield ? Haven’t seen enough of him to know.

I still think Rushe would be better at 6. He is a former all-star there.


Maybe Rushe at 6 and Moran as extra defender?


The problem with Rushe at 6 is he finds it difficult to manage fast nippy lads and also lads who dont stand at 11. Rushe is as good as there is if you put a traditional 11 in on him, but I fear the game has moved on. I remember playing Galway in Tullamore and Joe Canning playing CF. Joe just moved towards the wings and Rushie looked lost.
The cover of Moran would certainly help, but isn’t that then leaving our forwards light up front? Although I thought the 2 man FF line of Trollier and Burke worked very well yesterday in the second half.
Lots to ponder.


Yep, that’s the issue really, you would be shaping the team to facilitate Rushe.

I thought the same on the two man full forward line. But I have never seen Burke get on so much primary ball before, I am not sure he can do it again - but hopefully he can.


Yeh was thinking the same. 2nd week in a row the opposing 11 had a field day. We were actually lucky Carlow wasted him in full forward in the 2nd half


Very poor first half, better second. Win was the important thing and Carlow are a decent side.

Few things…Alan Nolan, can see him costing us somewhere down the line. He came off his line about 30 mtrs last night making a run to take a pass from a free!! He hit a few short puck outs to people who wete marked despite the fact that Hedgo won just about every puck out put on his head.

3 half backs were poor by their standards, young Smyth best of the backs.

Thought we struggled at midfield again

Half forward line much better in 2nd half great to see Danny back. Thought Hedgo burled well but again hit and miss on the frees. Dillon showed some lovely touches should have had 2 more goals, and the one he got should have been chalked off for handpassing to himself, some good fortune their…

Young Burke highlight of the game gor me. Some lovely scores when he came on. Creates space for himself brilliantly

Work in progress but some good men to come back in as well think were going to be ok this summer.