2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


+1. Some of our ‘hurling’ folk are … pick a word.


Sure why would you pay €20 in to watch Dublin v Carlow on a shite night in January?


Seems to be a lot of over reaction to what was a mediocre win over opposition we were supposed to beat.

Wasn’t at the game but was anybody really expecting a championship pace with free flowing hurling tonight? You won’t know more about the whole set up until the college season is over and players are available.


Danny Sutcliffe, Donal Burke, Chris Crummy,


So is that our forwards fairly nailed on then for champo? D Burke Danny Dillon Hedgo A.N Other and McBride out around the middle with O Connell and Malone. Room for McGibb if on song, or Treacy possibly. Ryan looks out of favour at present, or may be being rested after the slog of last season for Boden.


Na for them prices you have to at least throw in Jedward at half time. And let all the kids who go on the pitch take shots at them


Go way ourra that with your positivity WiFi :grimacing::joy:


For me the forwards are something like Sutcliffe, Hedgo, Keaney, Dillon, Ryan and Burke.
Boland and McBride midfield.

But I would be disappointed if someone else didn’t push hard over the rest of the league. I thought Paul Crummy would, but he isn’t involved this year apparently.


As I said earlier, I’d start Ryan every time. He’s a luxury player though. As is Burke at this moment. Can’t see Mattie starting with both though I hope I’m wrong. You’re a big Boland fan. Just think he’s too unreliable with all his injuries, class and all as he is. O Connell will go all day and has a great understanding with Malone, who I don’t think we’ve even seen close to the best of yet.


A lot to improve on,but it is a wake up call,who knows that Offaly will bring next week.Carlow arent the worst of teams,far from the best but could see them beating offaly and laois in this division

Tough conditions tonight,not ideal for hurling at all hard to judge anything but there was positives.Burkes performance being one,great to see him in that kind of form and having o connell back along with Hedgo’s aerial ability from puck outs,mustve won about 3 or 4 of them.
Sutcliffe had a few nice touches when he came on as well and was involved in one or two great scores

Ive started to think as well that we cant outscore a team with points only,3 goals tonight and they kept us in games in championship last year.


I hear what your saying, but Burke wasn’t a luxury player tonight, he was vital. I don’t know if he can keep it up, but if he can he will have a hell of a year.

I agree on Ryan, I would never not play him. He gets goals!


Hopefully Donal B can build on tonight. Lot of unfair expectation on the young lad.


Thats great r.e Burke. He has it all, just needs some consistency and to become one of our chief ballwinners. No pressure.

Working late so didn’t get down. Rte News had a phenomenal 25 second highlight package which included a snippet of a Carlow lad reefing one our lads to the deck, and one of a point scored that looked like it was filmed from the 14 yard line.

On the forwards, would love to see Keaney and Ryan back starting. But I reckon Mattie will go with younger lads added to the ones already mentioned, with the older lads to come in if needed.


Think keaney wont be back till the end of the league,hes had surgery i think


Yeah I think that’s the case. Must be the bad weather tonight, I was looking to the Summer :wink:


Keaney’s recovery not going great I believe .
Trollier got an absolutely phenomenal point in the second half. Over on the terrace side. He looked good today. Burke was fabulous when he came on. Hedgo was very good from play. Shouldn’t be near the frees though at this stage. Danny did well when he came on too.
Don’t think Malone is up to it. Crummy was terrible tonight.
Carlow 11 excellent as was their keeper. We probably should have had 3 more goals only for him. The wides we had in the first half were quite frankly terrible.
These 3/4 length poc outs are no good. Too much gambling imo. Lost a lot of ball because of it.
A big problem this eve I thought was our wing forwards backing into our wing backs/midfielders with the resulting breaking ball inevitably going to the wing back. Mc Gibb, Malone, whitely and McBride all guilty of this.
A better start than last year, but lots to work on.
Think carlow might stay up.
Agree with lads 're conor burke. Worth a bit more game time.
Rushe?? I just don’t know at this stage. Maybe impact sub?
Anyways onwards and upwards. Roll on offaly.


Crummy wasn’t his usual self right enough, but he played a full game on Thursday.


Agree with this there was one puckout to O Connell and he was on his own and around 3 carlow lads around him,terrible idea especially in January when first touches arent perfect and weather isnt great


Some really nice scores in the second half made a huge differences,there was a gap in skill level and our lads were just that bit more skillful thankfully

Fairly decent Carlow support tonight as well,great to see hurling supported in these counties


I agree, but I suspect our puck out stats were relatively good though. The ones that went wrong, went badly wrong. But in general our wins were a lot more then our losses (I think).