2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


No not embarrassing. Game ain’t over yet. Our expectations are that we can compete at top level. Got outplayed & outscored v Carlow thru 1st half. Not what you’d expect of team with aspirations to compete at top level.


Struggling to put them away. Donal Burke has been superb.


We lost by 10 points at the same stage last year to Offaly and went on to have a very productive year


Third goal for Dublin. That may be it. Up by five with five to go.


Productive? We were terrible through the league and then principally because of a 35 year old Conal Keaney we managed to give KK a decent game. Out of the championship in June. Got some respect back after Cunningham debacle but not much more.

Anyway liking like we’ll just about beat Carlow tonight but not convincing by a long shot.


Very poor ball going in to the forwards and poor shooting is contributing to a poor return from possession. Wind isn’t a factor but rain has stopped


Looked like he caught it three times


agreed , FFS it Round 1 in January


Burke was excellent when he came on held onto a lot of ball and took some great scores. Can’t read to much into a game like that tonight it was an absolute mud bath, Carlow adapted to it much better in the first half but we upped it second half when we needed to.

Sutcliffe also had a couple of nice touches when he came on which was great to see.


Were you at the game?

And last week’s game vs. Galway was plenty competitive and should have had us well ready for tonight.

We were very poor in the first half. And not a whole lot better in the second. Hedgo, Dillon, Burke when he came on, Sutcliffe in patches Were very good. Hard to find any other players who got the better of their man. And even thought the forwards played well the same plague of missing simple shots and a couple of easy frees continues to afflict us.

And it was the same as last week. Poor first half. Better in the second. Got away with it tonight. But like last week we won’t get away with it against better opposition. Rushe is not a full forward. And fcuking about with puck outs has to stop. We have at least one man now to aim at.

And here comes the biased bit. Conor Burke was sitting in the stands as a spectator. Hard to believe really.

The potential is there. The million dollar question for years now is how to harness it. And it looks like it’ll be as though for Kenny as any of the rest of them


Burke was good when he came sutcliffe decent too hedgo and his ability to catch a High ball could be a great asset to but needs to be Proven a couple of times more .poor night for hurling


We were poor tonight some of our shooting in the first half was abysmal
Huge improvements needed to compete at the top


Good to get the win in those conditions. Carlow are hugely improved and I think that showed their tonight, they were probably setting themselves up for an ambush over the past few weeks and I’d imagine we didn’t place too much focus on this game. Donal Burke was the different tonight, 1-04 off the bench (although he was named to start) and some fantastic scores in that. Trollier and Hedgo offered something too. We need more from the others though - McGibb blows hot and cold and a few others didn’t put the hand up at all.


Carlow definitely targeted this one Waterford and Galway are streets ahead of Dublin.


It’s almost funny, the positivity here before each game has us as one of the top teams, then a bad performance on a dreadful night for hurling and we’re suddenly rubbish !! Calm down, there were positives tonight, Daragh O’Connells 1st start for nearly 2 years, Danny’s cameo was excellent, Donal Burke took his scores well. Add Cian, Paul Ryan, Keaney, David Treacy and we’ll be ok come Championship.


Shocking 1st half. Kenny must have roasted them at halftime. Much improved in second half. Donal Burke was outstanding when he came on! Agree with the comments about short puck outs and square passes on a dreadful night which nearly cost us! Far to often we were reaching in to tackles instead of getting stuck in. If we improve that one aspect of our game next Sunday I’ll be happy!


Hard to know what to make of tonight. Won playing badly. Would not be expecting big things this year. Leinster final appearance would be a good year. That be that for this year.


We’ll have to beat two of Galway, Wexford and Kilkenny to reach a Leinster final!


The Bad Things for me

  • weather was atrocious. Made the game a lottery.
  • lacked intensity in middle third.
  • Rushe had the ball in his hands once in the game and not all in the first half. He isn’t a forward. It was worth a shot, but it’s been done now. The poor first half performance was nearly solely down to having a two man full forward line with one of the two not touching the ball. It’s not fair on him or the team.

Good things

  • Donal Burke. Wow, that was the performance I have been waiting for and what previous managers have seen in him. That was pure class
  • Sutcliffe. Always wow.
  • Hedgo. That was a step up in intensity and he managed it. I don’t think he is right for every game, but he is definitely right for a lot of them. Not a free taker though.
  • McBride. He changed the nature of midfield when he went there. Himself and Boland are the two midfielder for me.
  • they kept trying the right things even in shite conditions. They played the ball to hand nearly all the time, they went for goal if they got a sniff and they kept their composure even though some stuff went wrong.

But generally, I thought that could be the game that gives Burke the confidence he needs. Probably of the starting forwards only Dillon will start in the championship (as a forward, McBride will probably start at midfield). Slot in the missing guys and we are at least as good as last year, if not better.

My worry is the intensity level. We need to work like crazy to minimize space for the opposition and we aren’t doing it enough. Once the good teams get to play a free ball against us at any position in the field they will score because they then create space domino like up the field. Every puck needs to have pressure on it. But once we get Keaney, Sutcliffe etc back on the field that will happen more. Rushe needs to come out of full forward too. It’s not even a close call, the guy for all his other great attributes just cannot do that role.

PS - as per @alanoc above, I can’t understand the lack of game time for Conor Burke, he would have did well tonight in that type of tough game.


Thought it was a shocking performance myself .Really need to improve going forward hopefully we will.The attendance was also poor enough.