2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26




Carlow easily the better team. It’s broderline embarrassing. Need a serious talking too at half time. 24 gone. Still down by two.


Carlow were 10/1 during the week to win this. I’m sure some people put a couple of dollars on them.


That’s worrying but early days. Madden injured? They seem to be giving away alot of frees. How is Rushe doing?


Can’t see them beating us in fairness.


Shouldn’t be on the pitch if he’s going to be full forward. Not his fault. And I sure as hell can see them beating us. Half time. Down by two. They’re defense is excellent.


Thanks Alan. Not a good half by sounds it. Keep us updated as in work.


Dub match tracker saying that Carlow will have advantage of whatever breeze there and could be further ahead at HT.


Not point talking about competition for places of this is the level we’re are at.


Hedgo has a great hand on him one of the only positives they are allowing Carlow come out to easily and they are a lot better on the breaks

Bad shooting from Us


Carlow looking sharper too


This is shocking performance from Dublin. It might only be one game but lose at home tonight v mighty Carlow and there may be no coming back from this for Kenny and this Dublin team. There’s no excuse for us to be this poor.


A bit early for that? We will won by 5 plus! You heard it here first :joy:


Good start to the second half. 1.2 without reply. Goal by Dillon.


Are u Mattie Kenny by chance :grinning:


Another point by Dillon. Lifting the team on his own!!


Good to hear


2.10 to 0.12 after fifteen minutes. Doing ok but not stamping our authority on the game.


Slightly Embarassing overeaction to the first 35 mins of competitive hurling this year


Five up now. Sutcliffe and Donal Burke on. They’ve helped enormously.