2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26


Im not sure but if true its terrible alright


He says it is. And the tickets state quite clearly ‘no concessions’ which I don’t recall seeing before.

Very disappointing.


Have him in the squad. Along with O Carroll. Great competition there. Just my opinion. Who would you leave off? Rarely bettered is v true. Same can be said of the 3 listed to start this weekend imo


Cian is class. We’re spolit. What age was EOD that day, 18/19? You could argue hes the first name our team sheet bar Danny !


Any off them. He starts at 3 ODonnell at 2. They can interchange. The rset can fight it out for 4. Chris Moran and Barrett in front of that. Good defence there


I’m sure thats probably how it will go. Just my opinion on it as I said. We’ve plenty options and no excuses in the backs anyway.


I would have cian over madden,for me he has a lot more experience


Great feeling to be spoilt for choice.
Senior Footballers have 3-4 players per position and that’s why we’ve had so much success.
Hurlers aren’t too far away from that, and fully believe we’ll see the same success soon.


The drive for five with Dublin hurlers! I like the sound of that! :grinning:


If we build on last year,it wont be too many years but a quarter final would be what id take this year,would more than likely involve beating wexford


I would take that too. But we might be under estimating ourselves. We haven’t had our best 15 on the field for a few years, we might be very decent when that happens.


Thats true but the absence of one or two more top quality forwards could be the differnce

Even with Sutcliffe,i thought he couldve been a lot better last year,was good against limerick in the league and i know its tough to come back into that standard of hurling but theres definitely more scores in him


In fairness to Danny, he wasn’t long back, he’ll be better this year.


His shooting is a little off, mind you it always was a little. I had a look back at the ‘13 Leinster final recently and he had a few wides there too.


If he could improve a little more and get one or two scores a game it could make a huge difference,definitely has to start though


where did you get a copy of that game, would love to watch that again, it’s all a blur.


They’ve shown it on Eir sport a couple of times recently.



Which team is with the wind?


No real wind. Lashing rain. Short pick out strategy in this weather is ludicrous. Hedgo caught a beaut. Haven’t hit one to him since. Backs like cats covering shite trying to field short ball. Ridiculous. Down by two with twenty minutes gone.