2019 NHL Quarter final, Tipperary v Dublin, Semple Stadium, Saturday March 16th @ 4.30pm


Personally I don’t have any moral objections to a sweeper. If you can win the game with 15 men back, that’s fine. A sweeper can have a place in hurling, because somehow a two man full forward line can be as effective as a three man if played correctly.

But I think there are other options to shoring up a defense. You can drop a guy back just for puckouts. You can play a deep midfielder, who can come up a few times a game, you can have the half forwards move between the two 45s as needed. Probably standing a guy back as a sweeper where he isn’t involved in the play is a waste of a guy.

It’s different if you are under the cosh and being bombarded with ball. Then you need to put people where the ball is going. But in a case like that you are probably going to lose anyway and it is just damage limitation, but that has a place too in some games


I think we should take a page from the great Kilkenny team - a sort of zonal concertina up the middle: pull big Hogan (in our case Rushe) back just in front of the fullback line and leave him there to control that space. The midfielders play one defensive (Moran) in front of Rushe and one attacking (O Connell) furthe up. They concertina up and down with the play and hold the middle. The wings have to do their jobs and the forwards defend like demons. You do need Tommy Walsh types on the wings but our best wing backs are good. Then again - its nice and warm in this office.


This is Thurles all day - not good.

If any of the others are called off though instead - TV might show this one I guess, if it’s on.



Does thurles have a history of games being called off?


Hope they make a call on it soon. Gonna start heading about 1.30pm


This is up on the Galway twitter gives supporters a good amount of time and the game is at 1 30


I’m the same,would be a disaster to get there and that happen


I don’t think so, I think it has to be extreme

Edit - games in Waterford and Galway going ahead I see. So I assume Thurles will too.


Tipp FM reporter said on Twitter it’s all good



Will be changes to that lineup


Whitely and Conway start

Rushe and hedgo gone


Rushe gone Witley in


Presume this on Tipp fm? In work so I’ll try get a listen. Otherwise updates would be appreciated cheers.


Jesus, worrying…


Gone for pace


Goal dublin


Or maybe not!!


Great start