2019 NHL Quarter final, Tipperary v Dublin, Semple Stadium, Saturday March 16th @ 4.30pm


Very sorry to hear that about your friend @Tayto

Thoughts are with you and his family


Sorry to hear that Tayto.


Indeed Tayto - that’s horrible. Safe traveling.


Oh, that’s very uninspiring. Maybe the best we have available, so can’t be helped. But I would worry.

The full back line has looked very porous since we lost O Callaghan. It looks like O Donnell and Smyth do great hurling and ball winning - but O Callaghan does the stopping.

The half back line without Barrett is a bit scary too. O Connell does the ‘attacking’ part of being an attack minded defender, but he doesn’t do the defending part so well.

Boland mustn’t be ready yet for a full game at midfield. That was likely if they thought he was only on for 20 min the last day. The championship is more important. But Sean Treacy hasn’t set the world alight this year yet at inter-county.

The forwards at least will have some physicality, unlike the more recent times we have played Tipp. But they will struggle for scores.

In the context of teams we have put out in the league, that is possibly one of the weaker ones. Not by a lot, but it’s a day when we need to be better then normal, not worse.

But it is what it is. I would love to be wrong, but I think that team might struggle to keep it under a 10 pt loss. That wouldn’t be the end of the day, there will probably be at least 5 or 6 additions before the championship. But still, it would be nice to be in it at least with 10 min to go.


Don’t see a huge pile wrong with the team with who’ve we got available at the minute,big test for Sean treacy in the middle of The park though

If any of our backs get injured we do need replacements and these lads need game time


Absolutely, with what we have it’s fine. But I think to be really thinking of winning championship matches we need Keaney, Boland, Barrett, O Callaghan, probably Schutte and I was hoping for a Hayes / Winters or someone to come good too.

I get your point, the game won’t do the potential replace guys any harm at all. I would just prefer if it was against a lesser team in a less high profile game.

The upside is that if they do well it shows we have loads of depth and are in a real good place. It is also unlikely to start that way, recently he has been changing one or two before the throw in.


He will change I reckon,more interested to see the bench and how lads like boland winters schutte ??etc will get on
Ryan maybe should’ve played this one but I’m not too sure


Wi-Fi I have always sensed that you are a decent and hugely committed guy. However some of your hurling posts are a bit loose!!


So was my hurling :grinning:. But what exactly is loose in the post?


Jesus, I keep forgetting about Ryan. Yes, I would have played Ryan - he needs to get match ready as he is a genuine option…


Ryan might play yet there’ll probably be a fair few changes

Add in the fact that kenny isn’t afraid of an early sub


That team wont start???


Plenty of rain tomorrow too unfortunately which I think will suit Tipperary a lot more. The more skillful team that does the basics right tends to win out on the wet surface. Ballyhale were a great example of this vs. Ballygunner recently IMO.


Unfortunately I’d say we’ll probably have 7/8 defenders at most stages tomorrow. Can’t give Morris Bubbles Callanan etc space and we’re set up with more backs than forwards already. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Rushey back there too. Morris is a lovely hurler. If the Tipp forwards click they’re the best in the country imo


Fabulous forwards indeed,hopefully we won’t leak goals against them,but the young lads who played against them a year ago are a year smarter better etc so this is a real test of where they are at


Game may not go ahead. Will be played Sunday or Monday if pulled. Heavy rain in thurlus and pitch may be unplayable.


Oh, that would be good for selfish reasons - I could get to it another day.


I wouldn’t see it as unfortunate to be honest, if it’s needed, we should do it. I don’t think he would bring Rushe back though, the whole year to date has been based around him at full forward. Malone is a possible to pull back, but it may be a case of being back at certain times and forward at others. Kenny doesn’t seem to plan so much with the traditional 4 lines of three plus midfield. He seems to play lines between the lines.


Wouldn’t pull that many players back one sweeper is the limit in my opinion

What’ll happen if that goes ahead is that these lads won’t score too many goals but will shoot From distance


Yeah I agree but we all fear the dreaded sweeper word. Malone McBride Treacy will all supplement what we have their already. Just don’t want to see us go all defensive, maybe it’s just the pessimist in me. Would be interesting if Rushey was their for a bit just for presence alone. Will see.