2019 NHL Quarter final, Tipperary v Dublin, Semple Stadium, Saturday March 16th @ 4.30pm


Are you surprised?


Who owns the rights to show it I wonder. Those broadcasts of the Fitzgibbon / Sigerson on-line with Oisin Langan commentating were fine for watching games. Not top quality, but perfectly fine for following the game. Could that not be done by TG4 or someone else?


I think we’re building up to a GAA tv station.


This is just a quote I saw this morning in the Guardian in an interview with some soccer player
‘As a teenager Mariappa enrolled with an athletics club, missing summer holidays to work on improving his ground speed. “My sprint technique was terrible – quite flat-footed, I needed to learn to run on my toes,” he say’

That is exactly what I have always thought of Rushe’s sprinting. He is terribly flat footed, hence his acceleration is really poor. When he gets up a head of steam he automatically goes to running on his toes and he gets faster. Even if you see him walk on the field, it is a laborious walk. There is a superb athlete in there, but someone needs to work with him to achieve it.


For the team it might not be a bad thing this isn’t shown, we seem to save our worst performances for the live games. I am just a bit disappointed I can’t get to it. But I don’t actuallly think it’s beholden on anyone to show every game.


i’d have thought this kind of thing would be covered by county teams? Running technique a fairly obvious place to start to improve pace?


Running technique is one of Cliodnha O’Connors specialties too. Started it with my team when we were 15 and continued with it right up to when she was involved with us at senior.


No but basically they’ve been showing three games a day this season. I’m not about but the Da is and he can’t get to it and would love to see it. The issue I have is that it’s not holding up anything urgent on TG4. A cookery show followed by a repeat. Seems pointless to me


It would be looked at and worked on. It can be very difficult to change though. Despite all the coaching.


When rushe turns and runs at defenders he’s very good,backs and midfielders have to give him the right ball and he needs to make the right run,there’s been games where he goes for a puck out at head height and wins it,this is where nolan should aim at,putting it on top of him won’t work where as a low ball will be more preferable


Was Marriapa holding a hurling stick, wearing a helmet and being fouled by a Cork forward at the same time?


I haven’t a clue who he is to be honest - but I doubt it!

But I was watching Rushe the last day chasing after a ball (un-impeded by anyone…) and a few young lads beside me started saying how tired he looked and should be taken off. But it wasn’t tiredness it is just how he runs. He isn’t averagely slow, he is very slow. But I think it doesn’t have to be like that, when he gets motoring - he is fast enough. He just needs to change how he runs to get up to speed faster. That bulldozing type of run, using the flat of his feet for traction, is ideal when he has the ball and he is barging through. But it is counter productive when he hasn’t the ball.


And space needs to be cleared in front of him to run into. The half forwards need to be making runs to open it up. But you are right, Rushe will never win a ball landing on his head, he needs to run onto it… He is tall, but not exceptionally so, and he wouldn’t be the body type to do spectacular standing jumps.
I do think though that Rushe could back up more into the defender and allow the ball to come lower before it needs to be caught. His advantage is strength, so I think he can control the space under the ball earlier then he does and dictate the type of contest it is going to be.


Ah, I was joking. I’m just thinking of how (illegally) Rushe was dealt with in the '13 semi-final.


James Owens was shown to be inept that day and most days since he has continued at that level.


They have no reason to dislike because our record against them is abysmal.

Generally when a team dislikes you it’s because you present a challenge to them .We’ve never been capable of that on a consistent basis against Tipperary.

They will continue to view us as cannon fodder until we start reversing the results against them

Just hoping for a good performance against them . I’ve never seen a Dublin win against Tipperary away from home before.


Generally Dublin hurlers are well enough liked I think. We are good enough to be taken seriously, but the big 3 or 4 reckon they will beat us. Also, we don’t have a huge heap of support, so there isn’t a whole load of supporters for anyone to take umbrage with. I suppose if we started winning All Irelands, that would change.

Yep, I have never seen an away win against Tipp either I think. The closest was probably that league game where we could afford to lose by something like 2 or 3 and not go into the relegation play off, but we lost by one point too much (McMorrow dropped a ball short instead of taking a point).

Speaking of which - I really would like to see him back involved. We have a lot of big men now, we could afford to have one or two smaller lads. He has the best touch of any hurler in the county.



Cian o callaghan must still be injured and the same with barrett

Hopefully this time there’s no interchanging with gray and o connell,as in the Waterford game we conceded 4 tipp would run riot

Hopefully another big game from Danny,it’s what’s needed


Gray is getting a good run of games, they must be impressed with him.

Best of luck to the lads, will be in the UK saying goodbye to a friend who is terminally ill.