2019 NHL Quarter final, Tipperary v Dublin, Semple Stadium, Saturday March 16th @ 4.30pm


The old cliché about the performance being more important than the result is probably applicable here, to see how far we have progressed. That said, another competitive game (as a result of winning) would be welcome.


Any sign of it being online?


This is a big game for Mattie too as he will want a positive performance that shows improvement under his brief tenure.


I think we have improved but this is a huge test,gilroy did a lot of the dirty work in regards finding players that were good enough and Kenny hasn’t had to do much of that,which maybe adds a little pressure to his job

As already mentioned we need to bring intensity especially in the forwards where the ball cant be cleared easily,obviously it’s easier said than done but if we don’t do it we don’t stand a chance really


That’s fair enough! But positive performance does not necessarily have to mean winning the game! Though if it comes to pass we will take it! Ath Cliath Abu!


Hopefully he will have brought the Galway dislike for Tipp aboard!

I know the thrashing this time last year was of no real consequence come Summer, but that’s over two months away. Be nice to have a right cut off them fkers in their own backyard.


I hope so! I saw Kenny quoted as saying they looked ‘leggy’, which I guess is manager code for trained hard. But he could have been just excusing the performance, he does seem to protect the players a lot in the post match interview (which I like).It would seem a strange time to do a tough week, so I sort of doubt it. But it could also have been the influence of Fitzgibbon I guess.

We will know on Saturday probably. If they are competìtve, we will know they are close, if they aren’t then the Galway game was the true reflection. To be honest, I thought that scoreline was actually kind to us.


It seems to me that Kenny made a deliberate decision not to re-invent the wheel (or he was told not to by the DCC when he got the job). And that to me is sensible given the previous turmoil, we need evolution rather then evolution now I think.

I would have favoured an Anthony Cunningham appointment to be honest, just for that reason, to continue what we were at in 2018. But Kenny seems to have that same plan, I like how he comes across to-date.


Am I right in assuming that this game is not on TV at all?




Fcuk sake!


And the Cork v KK game is on tv? Possibly the most meaningless, pointless ‘competitive’ game ever!!


Jesus Christ but that’s ridiculous.


I don’t think they are showing the Cork KK game, its not on their schedule at the moment.

Maybe with a bit of pressure they would show the Dublin game on-line, they have done that in the past. Anyone with a few min could drop them a tweet or something https://twitter.com/TG4TV?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

They were scheduled to show hurling until late on Saturday as the original fixture list had one of the hurling league semis to start at 4.30 (the same time as the Dublin game), so they actually could squeeze it in.

Its the only the second game I will miss this year and a little part of me thinks it could go well (hope springs eternal etc…). It would be nice to be able to see it somewhere, sometime.


Had read earlier this week that TG4 were going to show it would be nuts if they did.


Off the wall that it isn’t on. What’s on instead is some food quiz followed by a repeat of the Weakest fcuking Link. How could they show the other three and not Dub/Tipp? It’s not like they don’t have the equipment.


At half 4 the game looks like it’s been scheduled for TV,a strange time it is


But even that is a reschedule, up to yesterday they had hurling scheduled up to 7.00pm. But it was the original league semis that would have been played. There will be cameras in Thurles, so the cost wouldn’t have been massive.

But no point blaming TG4 I suppose, they do show more then their fair share. RTÉ or Eir could show it either.


I like this from kenny, he seems open to ideas put to him, he doesnt seem too stubborn about them and understands what worked for us last year,as for anthony cunningham who youve mentioned @Wifi, yeah he was involved but i wouldnt complain about kenny,he knows how to win, he will take time but Dublin hurling regardless of whos in charge will take time


Tuesday’s Herald reported that the game would be on TG4. Poor show on someone who didn’t check their sources.