2019 NHL Quarter final, Tipperary v Dublin, Semple Stadium, Saturday March 16th @ 4.30pm


Did well the last day right enough, but apart from one mistake Nolan had a very good league. Either would do fine I think, but for me Nolan has a cockiness about him that gives a bit of confidence. But I wouldn’t much worry if it was Brennan either.


Did he really though? For me it was a mixed bag at best for Nolan.


Few shaky puck outs too along the way

Think Brennan deserves another shot,competition for places and all that especially after a good performance,you’ve to reward that especially in the league


Have a feeling this big pitch could suit us if hedgo and rushe are on form with the puck outs,more space to run onto etc,same with trollier he’ll have more space to run into as will o rourke

However on the flip side it will probably allow tipps forwards to get a run on us


Back 6 are sound they will have to be extra vigilant with Tipp though they move so well off the ball and pick passes for fun

Midfield will have to win that individual for us to win

6 forwads not only have to win hard fought ball and score but theyll have to drive the Tiipp defence back when they have the ball

Need someone to lay a marker down early and drive into the Mahers and let no crowd raising clearances be driven out


I like the sound of that

And the forwards need to be very clinical,we’ve had some wayward shooting but 1-26 against Waterford shows it is in us


We need to see that kind of tally outside of Parnell Lucan dont we…Id fancy us v anyone in the Nell but to move on we must go to the likes of Semple and play with freedom desire and belief, think we lack that in Thurles, belief…need to have an attitude of its just another game lets go and play our game and f**k who were against

By the way no better men then Rushe or Hedgo to lay that marker down


I think the puckouts are a strategy that isn’t all of Nolan’s making. But also, he could lump them all 100m down the field and be blamed for none of them - but we might not win any.

What I like about him is his confidence and the trajectory of his puckouts, they don’t waste any more time then they have to going from A to B. He is a serious shot stopper too.

If he isn’t played though, he will be effectively dropped for the dropped ball against Waterford, which would be harsh. If keepers get dropped for one mistake, then none of them will be confident.

But… Brennan did very well the last day and deserves another shot at it too. I just don’t think I would do it this weekend. But Kenny well might. That is why I would be a crap county manager, I would drop no one!!

Interestingly Nolan wasn’t even the sub keeper the last day I noticed, he was number 3. I assumed that was because it wasn’t a must win game, but I might be wrong.


Exactly sometimes last year we lacked belief when we were ahead against big teams, need to focus on ourselves on Saturday and see what we can do,Thurles and Croker are where the big games are won so its important to not be nervous playing there


Part of it too is just the extra ground we need to cover to close players down. Good teams do us real damage when they got a clearance away without pressure, they find a man in space, who again finds another man, who scores. It’s harder to put that clearance under pressure when they have more space.

Mind you, we actually have the backs now who can also make use of space. I’m just not sure about the forwards


I would start Nolan in championship yes as he scares the ***** out of forwards when they run in and also made crucial saves against wexford and kilkenny last year but Brennan will be wondering can he keep this up and push for a starting place at this level and only one way to find that out and thats by playing


The extra ground to cover will more than likely negatively impact us as their backs will be harder to close down but we eventually have to move out from parnell park we wont win anything there


They just have some very gifted strikers of the sliotar and the wide expanse of Semple always opens us up. When you are down there you really feel like it is a huge pitch compared to the Nell for example. I don’t think they necessarily dislike us though, Daly might have rubbed them up a bit somehow back in the day maybe. The Cuala lads including Mattie Kenny all went down there last year to support Shane Stapleton’s sister fundraiser and the Tipperary folk really appreciated the gesture by all accounts.


There probably is no issues with the Tipp players regards disliking Dublin! But a large portion of their supporters leave a lot to be desired! They seem to think it’s beneath them to have to play “minnows” like Dublin whom in their eyes don’t belong at the hurling top table! I’ve noticed this arrogance at many Dublin v Tipp games over the years!


They think the same about the likes of Clare as well despite Clare having won more All Ireland’s than them in the last 25 years.

Our problem playing Tipp is that we stand off them too much. They need to be man marked all over the field even in the full back line, and then when you have possession you run the legs off them. The league quarter final last year was a case in point. Our midfielders chased the ball around the field, while theirs just hung around the middle and cleaned up loose ball totally unmarked. It was brain dead stuff from us. We need to accept they are better hurlers but they can be got at. They hate hard and dirty close marking and a lot of their players lack pace and don’t have 70 minutes in their legs if when the opposition have the ball they run them around the pitch all day.


we were missing Rushe and Moran that day, and we aren’t good enough to absorb losses of big players against the top 3. I also think we probably weren’t fit enough. Mickey Whelan said recently they spent the league building fitness and results weren’t the key thing.

But yes they had loose players all over the place. But I think that’s because we just weren’t physically able to make the tackles stick. Hunting in packs is great if you win the ball, it’s a disaster if you don’t as it leaves free men. The problem with not hunting in packs though is that each player has to be able to win his own ball, or at least disrupt the play. One weak link on a team causes an extra man, and then you are dead. We had two or three forwards that day who got eaten alive - so every ball that went in their direction ended up being won by Tipp and directed easily to one of their free men.


I think we’re in the right place going into this game, as said above, the league last year was used for improving fitness & strength.
We have that now, and Mattie has continued with it. There’s been a lot of team changes etc so far in the league, and I don’t think we will fear Tipp or their arrogance.
This is the game were lads will want to step up and impress Mattie with an eye on making the final Champo panel.


Do you think that Galway game this year was the same ?

I think that was mentioned on here


It’s been touted a lot that they lack pace,but they have some huge players,so do we reckon we go with faster lads like o rourke,mcgibb etc with rushe and Danny in there to keep it balanced?


Déjà vu but hopefully not the same result