2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


Exactly. It hadn’t gone unnoticed but I was taking the hit on the basis that I could use that pudding stuff as a sort of garlic thing to ward off evil spirits from home, or just Nordies.


Well yes. But he’s our Atilla the Hun.

Clearly this pudding bribe isn’t changing any minds.

Thought I had Al into being a semi nordie.

Next on the agenda is why the CP pitch could do with re-painting.

I’ll get the coat…




Putting aside the insulting stereotypes about nordies which are really infuriating.

But we are a very, very bitter people with long memories who will argue you for years and years.

So slag off C Gormley all you want. But we will hunt you down. Oh and shove your Coddle while you’re at it.

Roll on next Sat.

Signed: MH.


Unfortunately, it’d probably have the opposite effect.


I am here you know!




Any truth to the rumour that the eir Sport cameras only have wide lenses fitted, and therefore the Croke Park pitch will be widened by 2m on either sideline?


You’ll give MH an apoplectic shock with that widening chat.


High up in the canal for that ,you wont see a better tackle yet 2 dumb fooks of umpires couldn’t open their gobs to ref to say it was never a pen


We were lower cusack.

Was very confident until Dublin reeled off 5 points at the start of the second half. Noise was deafening.

Then the goal from mugsy into the Hill…sucked the air out of the place.


Yes the goal he scored after pulling OShaughnessy back right in front of the Hill umpires :slightly_frowning_face:


Well don’t moan too much…i mean it’s only a dozen beatings you’ve handed out since then…and 6 AIs.

Besides. You’d have faced Kerry that year…and they knew how to win.


Am only ensuring we deal in the facts and only the facts :grinning:

Was some come back though to that point and phenomenal noise as each score went over.


yeah, what turned out to be our worst ever decade against kerry would have been one defeat worse.


Don’t know about that. Was nothing between Dublin & Kerry in the 2007 semi final. Maybe we would got couple of breaks for a change against them. Anyway even if Mulligans goal hadn’t gone in don’t know if we would have won that game. Tyrone we’re a better team than Dublin with better players.


Yip…they were the days for sure.

And probably the noisiest I’ve heard CP.

What Tyrone wouldn’t do for 2 good forwards now.

The dilemma next week is to stick with PH up front or bring him back to his best position.


You’re right.

And Kerry would’ve had no fear of you either. At least Tyrone got in their heads a bit.

I actually would’ve preferred to lose to Armagh than Kerry in 2005.

And had Armagh won the semi…Id have wanted them to win.


In goals or on the subs bench would be my suggestions for PH :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha. I’ll be sure to tell MH !

It shows how versatile he is though.

P Harte and Mattie D are probably the only 2 players that could make this current Dublin team.