2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


It wasn’t all that bad Al.

Gormley wasn’t murderous - and the ref didn’t wear a tyrone jersey.

Neither were Dublin as bad as 36 frees suggest. The truth is usually in between.

If I remember right - Philly Jordan helped a Dub player with cramp…albeit when the game was near over.

And once this Dublin team nears its end - you’d expect no less than a fight from them when Kerry or Mayo or whoever is eventually beating them. Good teams deserve to go out with a fight.


Damn straight. But I never got this culture of “ah shure it’s a man’s game and he was just showing frustration”. One or two lads might lash out in frustration once in a one-off defeat but Gormley did what he did, and virtually uncensured, from the start of that game and in many other games. Yis were blessed that night not to get humiliated the way we were in 2008.

Mind you it was the better for us subsequently trying to keep it real in preparation for Donegal. Even then I think we suffered in that semifinal for Tyrone having been such poor oppo in the Qtr.


I just think Gormley has been made into some kind of Keyser Soze character.

It’s not like he wrecked or killed a man. You don’t win AIs with 15 nice guys.

If he was a dub you’d be looking a selfie with him.


I thought the ref absolutely robbed us when I was at the game. I would have put the house on him giving at least 7 or 8 frees wrongly against us.

But then when I saw it on TV, I think there was only one where he was wrong. That game actually changed my whole reaction to refs while at games, as I couldn’t believe I got it so wrong.

Not saying at all refs are always right. I think that guy in the Roscommon game doesn’t actually know what is a legal and illegal tackle, to a shocking extent. But most are decent.


I remember your post on that on a few days after the game…I said you must be an accountant !

Time flies.


I wreck the heads of accountants generally :grinning:, and I was a whingy fecker on the field. I reckon it’s an age thing though - I find myself indicating at junctions now even when there are no other cars around!


Christ that is bad!

Mind you that’s probably spending too much time in

Talking of which…Ronan McNamee came off against Cavan. Looked like he was limping.

I’d imagine he should be fine. An important player.


Nope, stand by what I said, sorry to say but he’s up there with the Meath Angels of Death from the late 80s/early 90s. Ricey was a little squirrel by comparison.


I think it’s similar to Philly McMahon getting called all sorts on a Kerry forum.

The truth is that if he played for them, he’d never have to buy a pint again in Killarney.

Plus if you run with your argument that Gormley got away with murder under the noses of referees and officials - whilst winning games - then by definition he was an effective defender.

I’ll take 6 of them please.


Now that was a hard team from the 90s

And they might just make Leinster a bit more tasty this year.

Not sure if they’ve any underage talent coming through - but looking like a Div1 side next season.


Time to leave the pub daller


Ok…maybe some wishful thinking.

But Meath look to be putting a run together…4 wins in 5 and almost certain for Div1 next year.

I mean if you take Meath out of the equation…who else is there in Leinster to play?


I wouldn’t want to mind what anyone who’s not a Dubs supporter says about any of our players, if it’s outside of this forum. That goes on everywhere. People still say Brian Mullins was a thug.

Still, for me that Meath team had the most of the most dirty, sneaky players I’ve seen in a really successful team. The combination of great quality, cleverness/deception, and ruthless brutality that usually only occurs in one or max two players in a given team. Players I can think of who could possibly have been swapped into that Meath defence were Niall Cahalane, Paidi, Gay O’Driscoll, Eamonn Heery (though perhaps he and Cahalane not quite as cute/sneaky as the others), Geeser, Aidan O’Mahony, and Mr. C Gormley. Throw Colm Cavanagh in for good measure. Leroy Keegan too.
The likes of poor Philly wouldn’t quite make the grade of that line-up. Only one forward I can think of would meet of all the criteria to replace anyone in that Meath team - and it’s not Galvin Klein…


It’s natural not to see bad players in your own team…and see lots in your opponents.

But I just never got the whole virtue thing of wanting to be a clean side full of nice guys.

In fact you find lots of ‘dirty’ players are fans favourites.

Ps why Geezer on that list. He was a super player.


Still dirty/hard as fook! Maybe he wasn’t as dirty as one or two of his colleagues, I can’t remember now to be honest.
Sure who said anything about a team of nice guys? I’m just talking about the ultra hard-men who were also some of the best and smartest players of our times, which incidentally Conor G also was, as I defined above.
And that’s why I didn’t include panto villains like Ricey, Philly, Galvin, Francie etc. I’m not even sure Mick Lyons was actually all that dirty now that I come to think of it, more panto perhaps, because of how he looked.


So Al if im not mistaken - you’re really saying CG was a decent spud who in the grand scheme of things was way better than anyone in the Armagh team.

And if you weren’t a Dub you’d be rooting for Tyrone on the 16th.

A Purdy will me making its way to you in the post - as soon as these spuds have fermented.


Hasn’t been competitive in a decade…apart from 2010 which they won by scoring a try against the wee County, meath and Kildare I might add have been an embarrassment…sure didn’t Kildare tell us after they were div 1 they were coming for us…itll be a LONG time before either those counties are near good enough to compete which is a shame


Philly was/is never particularly dirty. He does a bit of pulling and dragging, but generally there’s no nasty stuff. Philly has more of an image issue. Rory O’Carroll got away with plenty of similar, but he was nice clean lad from south Dublin. Michael Murphy has got off with a yellow for genuine dirty stuff, but rarely considered a dirty player.


That’s a damn good point regards image.

I think it might’ve been Rochey talking about a club game with Ballymun kickhams and saying Philly McM would get he rap regardless.

There are plenty of players with wholesome images that don’t get the same flak doing similar stuff.


But to be clear here… Conor Gormely was as dirty as Atilla the hun. Just in case we decide to do some revisionist history here… :grinning: