2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


Remember that one well, train was cancelled half way to dublin becasue of a small landslide onto the tracks so didnt make it to the match, thankfully.


Was that match that Sean Cavanagh took out Whealo?


Take out / gentle nudge / late tackle.

I wouldn’t split hairs.

I’ve bumped into Sean C a few times…and he looks gangly. He just must tog out big because in real life he’s fairly slim.


Freddy got it wrong so with his ‘caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.’


No that was the league match under lights in Croker. Whelo made the most of it too


Brogan went off injured in both 05 replay and 08 games.


Cheers for that @Stato82


Gormley was at the height of his evil powers in 2005 / 2008 …Ive enjoyed looking at his sombre mush strutting from the cusack of late though


C Gormley helps out with the county.

He was at HP for the league game v Cavan - taking the kids on the pitch at half-time.

CG was like a lot of good defenders…a nice bit of badness about him.

A criticism of this current tyrone side is they don’t have enough bas**rds in the team.


Think Brogan might have got injured in first game v Tyrone in 05 and aggravated injury in replay. Still got 2 points in replay.


Makes you wonder what AB would’ve won had he been born a few years later.


younger ?


Note to self:

Proof-read every obvious question before a wise cracking Dub takes the piss.

I’m away for a sulk.


I didn’t think it could get much lower than that day. Little did I know things would get worse before they got better. Fast forward to 2011 and DC knocking then over from everywhere under lights with both feet. That was the match when I felt we were back in the big time.


Agree with that . It was the best performance of gilroy s era I always thought. Could have had a bagful of goals . It finished off that era for Tyrone and Dublin were back in the big time.


Alan Brogan was great man to take a point, but goals were definitely not his forte. I seem to remember he missed a few that night.


Back then I said it was the first time I saw Tyrone look old.

A ravenous Dublin hunted them down. Brian Dooher was roasted.

Tyrone won 4 AI minors last decade. The biggest regret is that not enough replenished that 03-08 team.

It’s only now the well is dry do people here appreciate what talent we had.


I think he was a very good goal-scorer til his role changed under Gilroy, played deeper and had to do alot more work off the ball than pre-G. And then he lost a bit of pace later on


It did. But Gormley still got away with murder and Tyrone were given 36 frees, we got 12, and that in a game where we were all-out attack and them hanging on for dear life.
Guess who the ref was?


Dublin joe. I remember the Irish times (Sean Moran) describes his performance as ecccentric. I recalll A Brogan getting shoved over the line and a free awarded against him. To think how Dublin joe turned it all around to help us :sweat_smile: